Will Austria Challenge Hinkley Point?

Posted: April 30, 2015 by oldbrew in Energy, government, Nuclear power, Politics

Are the Austrians going to press ahead with this as a favour to anti-nuclear Germany, expecting some reward?


By Paul Homewood



PEI report:

The European Commission’s decision on Hinkley Point was published in the Official Journal on Tuesday, and there now commences a two month period whereby potential objections from Austria, Luxembourg and other entities can be recorded. If the decision is contested it may prove a fatal blow to the UK’s nuclear power ambitions due to the lengthy delays that would entail.
Dr Dorte Fouquet, Partner, BBH Brussels who has been advising Vienna on the matter of their objection to Britain’s flagship nuclear power project on the basis of State Aid contravention, told an audience at Platts Power Summit in central
London today that if Vienna presses on with its challenge it could set back construction of the Hinkley Point C project for around eight years based on average case statistics.
She added that were it to go unchallenged “this decision would be practically the end…

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  1. steverichards1984 says:

    I suspect if Luxembourg complains, the new PM of the UK will be forced to remove offshore tax haven status from such countries.

    It is a nice irony to see a clash of self interest forcing the UK Government to do the right thing for once…

    Of course, if UKIP do well, I am sure they will help the PM to come to the correct decision….

  2. oldbrew says:

    The answer to the Austria question is YES.

    ‘The news will be a bitter blow to British plans to build the plant, with a legal counsel for the Austrian government earlier this week stating that the action will automatically stall development of the nuclear power plant for between five and eight years.’

    ‘Referring to the British Prime Minister David Cameron as ‘an incorrigible cynic’, the Federal Chancellor confirmed in an interview with the daily newspaper AUSTRIA, “We have the suit ready and will bring it in a couple of weeks before the European Court. We are complaining against the European Commission’s decision to allow the UK state to finance the costly expansion of a nuclear power plant.” ‘

    More bad news for Hinkley Point: ‘UK nuclear strategy faces meltdown as faults are found in identical French project’

    ‘The future of two nuclear reactors planned for Hinkley Point in Somerset has been thrown into doubt by the discovery of a potentially catastrophic mistake in the construction of an identical EPR power plant in Normandy.’


    ‘…the same manufacturing techniques had been used in the steel for the identical safety casings destined for Hinkley Point, which “have already been manufactured”.’

  3. oldbrew says:

    It’s not getting any better for Hinkley Point.

    ‘Faulty valves in new-generation EPR nuclear reactor pose meltdown risk, inspectors warn’

    ‘Flamanville third-generation EPR nuclear reactor – the same model Britain plans to use for two new plants at Hinkley Point – has multiple faults in crucial safety valves’


  4. oldbrew says:

    How far off is the knock-out blow for the current Hinkley Point reactor plan? UK gov. is getting cold feet.

    ‘EDF’s struggles in France have prompted worries at a senior level of the Treasury about the £24bn Hinkley scheme.

    “I think there are serious questions about the technology,” said one Treasury figure. “Only if that can be fixed is there a desire to go ahead with it . . . on balance.”

    Senior officials have discussed whether to “start from scratch” with a different, more established reactor technology from elsewhere.’