Cameron Appoints Amber Rudd as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Posted: May 11, 2015 by tallbloke in government, Politics
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amber-ruddWho is Amber Rudd? I hear you ask. Wikipedia tells us about her (lack of) expertise in energy policy and climate science:

After graduating from Edinburgh University with a degree in history, she joined J.P. Morgan & Co., working in both London and New York. She then worked in venture capital in London, raising funds for small businesses. After working as a financial journalist, she founded specialist Executive Search and Human Resources consultancy Lawnstone Ltd,[2]with clients in Financial services and in Business media.[3] She also recruited the extras for the film Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Great. What  else?

Rudd has been an active campaigner whilst in Parliament, standing up for women’s issues. She is Vice Chair of the APPG on Female Genital Mutilation, which has been campaigning against FGM and calling for tougher penalties and confidence to begin prosecutions in the UK. She has championed the cause of sex equality as Chairman of the APPG for Sex Equality,[5] which recently published a report on women in work. Rudd Chaired a cross party inquiry into “Unplanned Pregnancies” which called for statutory sex and relationships education in all secondary schools[6] She has called for a higher proportion of women in the Cabinet[7]

In September 2012, she was made Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt.Hon.George Osborne MP.[8] In October 2013, she became an Assistant Government Whip.

In July 2014, Rudd was made minister at Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Rudd is the youngest of four siblings, one of whom is the PR executive Roland Rudd, a Labour supporter and donor advising Ed Miliband on business.


So, she’s been a minister at DECC under Ed Davey. I wonder if she’s been greenwashed.

  1. tallbloke says:

    Torygraph last year:

    Amber Rudd, the Conservative minister for climate change, has cancelled plans to attend flagship UN talks on the issue in Lima after apparently being barred by chief whip Michael Gove.

    Ms Rudd had been expected to fly out over the weekend in order to attend the second week of the summit in the Peruvian capital, alongside Lib Dem secretary of state Ed Davey.
    But it emerged on Sunday that Ms Rudd was remaining in the UK. She was barred from flying out by Mr Gove in order that she could take part in a Commons vote on counter-terrorism measures, the Guardian reported.
    The snub to the summit has raised eyebrows, with Lib Dem sources questioning the motives and suggesting it betrayed a lack of commitment to green causes by the Tories, despite David Cameron’s pledge to be the “greenest Government ever”.
    Ms Rudd has previously spoken on her “Thatcherite” belief in the need to tackle global warming, citing a 1988 speech by the late former Conservative leader on the topic.

    But some Tories have publicly turned against the Coalition’s green stance of late, including former environment secretary Owen Paterson who has called for the repeal of the Climate Change Act, the UK’s policy on cutting its own carbon emissions.

    In a statement, Ms Rudd said: “This Government is committed to working towards reaching a global deal on tackling serious climate change.
    “In September, along with the Prime Minister, I personally attended the UN Climate Summit in New York and regularly engage with NGOs, businesses and my ministerial counterparts to discuss this important issue.”

  2. tallbloke says:

    Bishop Hill informs us that:

    Unfortunately, Mr Cameron may well have ducked this particular challenge, as it has now emerged that the DECC portfolio is being handed to Amber Rudd, formerly a junior minister in the department, who is seen as a green friendly appointment. In an interview last year she had this to say:

    “The main purpose for me [here] is to get up to speed with the relationships and the issues to do with delivering one of the most important things we’re ever going to do, which is limiting global warming to under 2°C.”

    “I don’t think you could get a cigarette paper between me and Labour on our commitment to getting a deal in Paris.”

  3. tallbloke says:

    Perhaps those phone calls Cameron had with Brussels over the weekend were so they could dictate terms to him rather than the other way round…

  4. Cameron said he was going to get rid of all that ‘green crap’ in next administration .

  5. It is not going to be long before Tories start tearing themselves apart on energy policy and EU

  6. ivan says:

    Since Sam-Cam wears the pants in that household and she is a fully signed up member of the green blob it is not a surprise that he would appoint an avowed greenie to that post rather than dismantling DECC.

    It will take another 10 to 15 years and several country wide blackouts before anything is done to get a responsible energy policy for the country (it will take that long for UKIP to get enough seats in parliament to put their policies in place).

  7. Konrad says:

    “…she joined J.P. Morgan & Co., working in both London and New York.”

    Errr, anyone in there? Hello? Hello?!

    J.P. Morgan? The ones who funded the WWF “studies” designed to underpin billions in “rainforset protection” trading that would have been rivers of gold for WWF?

    These are the rules – Everyone, every pseudo scientist, activist, journalist or politician who ever sought to promote or profit by the inane AGW hoax gets their public face, metaphorically speaking, punched to custard. There can be no excuses and no exemptions. The future of science, reason, freedom and democracy depends on this.

    Amber Rudd can not be exempt from the rules. This is the age of the Internet. The Internet never forgets and real sceptics will never forgive. Too many now know that if any AGW participant or profiteer is let off the hook, they will just commit similar attacks against western democracy in the future. Western democracy cannot afford to miss this teachable moment. It’s band-aid off fast, or band-aid off slow and painful. If sceptics give self serving scum like Rudd a free pass, they are choosing slow and painful with a side order of social gangrene. (apparently lukewarmers at WUWT enjoy dipping their fries in that).

    Think about it. She was appointed by the wettest of politicians, “call me Dave” Cameron. Photographed hugging huskies apparently. Hugging huskies? Oh please… Real sceptics snog timber wolves –

    – did I mention “call me Dave” was wet? After co-operating to survive the ice age, just as humans have a genetic affinity for canines, so do wolves for humans. Just not those with beta male pheromones, shaved faces and sickly, muzzle burning synthetic pheromone suppressants. (Admittedly, given advances in science, baby-wipe Cameron could give snogging timber wolves a go. Some face transplants have been successful…)

    Amber Rudd is bad news. The real good news to come out of the UK election was the increased UKIP vote. Baby-wipe Cameron is now wedged on the EU referendum vote. His current inane tactic to delay the inevitable? Rushing to Brussels and begging for concessions to UK sovereignty so UK citizens have less to be enraged about before any referendum. Good luck with Brussels socialists Dave!

  8. Jaime Jessop says:

    “Real sceptics snog timber wolves”. Love it Konrad!

    I think this signals that there will be no rollback on the climate change nonsense from the newly elected Conservative government. Brussels is fully signed up to it and Cameron is fully signed up to the EU.

  9. Orson says:

    So, the in-or-out vote appears to be the only wedge to force any change to halt the AGW insanity, now.

  10. Richard111 says:

    My wife thinks Cameron is playing a deep game to keep the warmists quiet. We shall see.
    How does that song go — “There may be trouble ahead..”

  11. tallbloke says:

    Lets see how many onshore and offshore wind turbines get approved in the coming months, pre-Paris.

  12. tallbloke says:

    Last year she told Business Green “The first world leader to speak about climate change at the UN was Margaret Thatcher and she of course was a scientist and the science is completely compelling. If I’m challenged on it by any of my own party – although I haven’t been – I would say ‘I’m a Thatcherite – aren’t you?’”

    Last week, she again invoked the Conservative party’s spiritual leader, writing in the same publication “To those who still say that the Conservatives do not take tackling climate change seriously, let me remind them that it was Margaret Thatcher who was the first ever world leader to sound the alarm on taking action on global warming at the UN in 1989.”

    As the Conservatives battled for supremacy in the run up to polling day she made a green pitch to voters, promising to continue their commitment, first stated in 2010, to lead the greenest government ever.

    “Under David Cameron, renewable electricity capacity has tripled,” she proclaimed, continuing: “We have put in place a new framework to decarbonise Britain’s energy market and we have delivered our manifesto commitment to create the world’s first ever Green Investment Bank (GIB).

    “One million homes have benefited from energy efficiency measures since 2010 – that’s a million households that will now be permanently warmer for less. Half a million homes have installed solar PV and we have backed the first new nuclear plant in 20 years, placed a minimum price on carbon, put aside £1bn for carbon capture and storage and, through the £3.9bn we are contributing to the International Climate Fund, we are helping developing nations around the world tackle climate change.”

    Amongst Rudd’s ambitions going forward are promises to “continue to support the UK Climate Change Act,” an ongoing determination to cut emissions, and investment in offshore wind and other renewables.

    Rudd will also be tasked with bringing an end to the subsidisation of onshore wind, a policy which has proved extremely unpopular in the shires where Conservatives voters are fed up with living with wind farms on their doorsteps. She has also previously stated her support for shale gas drilling. At the opening of a renewable energy plant at the Nestle factory in Newcastle’s Fawdon, she said: “I think fracking is a positive thing to have in the UK, as long as we can do it extremely safely and reassure communities that that’s the case, and I think we can.”

    But she has been quick to downplay any possibility that there is clear blue water between the Conservatives and their opponents when it comes to the climate change agenda, including the UN’s Paris Summit on the horizon later this year, saying “I don’t think you could get a cigarette paper between me and Labour on our commitment to getting a deal in Paris. We are all completely committed to it. Everyone is doing what they can.”

  13. Jaime Jessop says:

    As I suspected, the moron vacuum at the DECC created by the departure of Davey has been amply filled. Depressing.

  14. tallbloke says:

    15.44 Breaking: Nigel Farage to remain Ukip leader
    Ukip’s National Executive Committee rejects Nigel Farage’s resignation. Farage agrees to stay on after all.
    You couldn’t make it up…

  15. That’s very worrying to anyone who has invested in a diesel car, or a company that has invested in a diesel fleet…

  16. Andrew says:

    Andrea Leadsom also going to DECC

    Previously in the treasury department

  17. craigm350 says:

    I agree with Konrad – the JP Morgan link made my eyebrows arch although it’s not exactly a surprise.

    Always found that funny about the greens that they are happy to be in bed with their supposed arch enemies – bar Naomi Klein’s nut jobbery. But if you are anti-democratic, want to make a quick buck at the expense of others and care little for the serfs suffering whilst you repeatedly violate them…what’s not to like?

    Leads to this which they signed up to [my emphasis] –


    While individual companies hold their own views on policy specifics, they are united with C2ES in the belief that voluntary action alone will not be enough to address the climate challenge. In 2011, the BELC members accepted the following guiding principles:

    1 We accept the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring and that the impacts are already being felt. Delaying action will increase both the risks and the costs.

    2 Businesses can and should incorporate responses to climate change into their core corporate strategies by taking concrete steps in the U.S. and abroad to establish and meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets, and/or invest in low and zero GHG products, practices and technologies.

    3 The United States should significantly reduce its GHG emissions through economy-wide, mandatory approaches, which may vary by economic sector and include a flexible, market-based program. [carbon credits?] Complementary policies may also be necessary for sectors such as buildings, electricity generation, forestry, agriculture, and transportation that will help drive innovation and ease the transition to a low-carbon economy.

    4 Climate change is a global challenge that ultimately requires a global solution. An international climate framework must establish fair, effective, and binding commitments for all developed and major developing economies.


  18. Stephen Richards says:

    As I keep saying the tory party does no longer exist.

  19. diogenese2 says:

    Andrew at 3pm and for that matter 6.14pm:: So the enquiry concluded a year ago and the DECC has sat on it ever since.
    It now devolves to a SOS whose priority tasks are to a) support fracking for gas (and oil) with urgency and b) to manage the manifesto commitment to suppress the advance of onshore wind.
    Well spotted – the outcome will indeed be instructive.
    My guess – a grand stall until the new year (after Paris) and a blackball when everybody is looking the other way and in any case the green blob will have other things to worry about.
    The current comment on this appointment misses the point that the inertia of CAGW is enormous and a head on confrontation is likely to be crushed. It will need a smaller force for a longer period, which is what blogs like this have been applying for years.

  20. Fanakapan says:

    Given that NO mainstream politician is going to publicly do a volte face on the AGW issue, the fact that Cameron has placed in the job somebody who nobody has ever heard of, and likely is a No Mark in the political game, it may well signal a gradual withdrawal from the Lunacy that Global Warming represents ?

    To those who hope that Any party would repudiate such a Boondoggle on the spot, I would simply ask them to consider the raft of taxation that sits atop the swindle, and then consider the parlous situation that the government is in at this time with regard to income from taxation.

    Then of course there would be the issue of public perception, and how that public would react when being told that the Moon is not actually made of green cheese ?

  21. craigm350 says:

    “The appointment of Amber Rudd as Energy and Climate Change Secretary is significant in that it shows that the Conservative Party leadership retains its commitment to policies based on sound climate science,” said Richard Black, director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit.

  22. Fanakapan says:

    Mandy Rice Davies springs to mind 🙂

  23. Curious George says:

    Expect an energy policy mutilation. Or maybe she will see it and will attempt to correct it .. no, she already took part in it.

  24. tchannon says:

    Here is a weird one. News: Obama administration have given permission for Shell to drill in the Arctic (presumably in US territorial waters)

  25. Roger Clague says:

    In September 2012, she was made Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt.Hon.George Osborne MP.[8]

    She is a feminist nobody who will do the bidding of Osbourne, who is pro- fracking.
    Not a bad appointment

  26. tallbloke says:

    One of the junior ministers re-appointed is Andrea Leadsom MP
    This from 2011

    Published: February 19, 2011 42 comments
    Andrea Leadsom MP: The benefits of onshore wind farms have been hugely exaggerated

    Leadsom Andrea Andrea Leadsom is MP for South Northamptonshire and opened a three-hour Commons debate about onshore wind farms and their impact on Britain’s landscape earlier in the month.

    The debate about onshore wind farms goes to the very heart of the battle between ‘localism’ and the ‘national interest’. It is true that there are genuine issues of national interest that must be taken into account – the failure of the last Government to plan to meet our future energy needs is second only to their catastrophic economic legacy.

    The shocking fact is that between now and 2020, some 35% of British power generating capability through nuclear and conventional power stations will be retired due to old age with nothing yet ready to replace them. The Department for Energy and Climate Change is working flat out to plug the energy gap but it’s a tall order.

  27. oldbrew says:

    TB: ‘The Department for Energy and Climate Change is working flat out to plug the energy gap but it’s a tall order.’

    They could do more of this [below] but would rather throw money at part-time unreliables that can never solve the energy gap problem, only make it worse when old plants are closed:

    ‘Alstom and DF are building a new gas-fired power station in Carrington, Greater Manchester for Carrington Power.

    The 880MW power plant will enter commercial operation early in 2016 following the three-year construction period and will generate enough electricity to supply the needs of around a million homes.’

  28. Fanakapan says:

    The jig is up for Onshore Wind, and the Offshore variety will probably see subsidy cutbacks to the extent that the Ludicrous costs of placing windmills at sea will ensure it does not happen 🙂

    I expect those who planned to make Billions from whirlygigs will have seen the writing on the wall some while ago, and even now are engaged in New and as yet unseen Boondoggle’s.

    It’s likely that the ‘Science’ branch is blissfully unaware of this, and we may yet see the likes of Jones holding out a cup and saying, Spare a Talent for an Old Ex Climate Scientist 🙂