Drought-hit Californians paint their lawns green

Posted: May 28, 2015 by oldbrew in climate, humour

The green green grass of home [image credit: AP / Daily Mail]

The green green grass of home
[image credit: AP / Daily Mail]

Terradaily reports on the feel-good factor of green grass:
The heat is stifling, the soil dry as a bone, and a new law in drought-stricken California restricts the use of sprinklers.

But far from saying farewell to their beloved lawns, some Californians are coping with the drought by… painting them green.

With a simple squeeze of a spray gun, dried-out yellow grass regains its lush green color before the eyes of its proud owners.

It is a kind of make-over which is becoming increasingly common in California, which is now in the fourth year of a historic drought.

Paula Pearson, who lives in Escondido, just north of San Diego, is one of those who has turned off her sprinkler faucet. She took the plunge after Governor Jerry Brown announced unprecedented water-saving measures in April.

Unsurprisingly, her lawn rapidly turned yellow. But she is determined to fight against nature.

“If I wanted yellow I’d have throw rocks down there. Green grass is supposed to be green in my opinion,” said Pearson, her eyes protected by shades from the dazzling midday sun.

“I love it! This is the color of my grass when I water it every day. I absolutely love it. I am thrilled,” she told AFP.

Report: Drought-hit Californians paint their lawns green.

  1. ivan says:

    Maybe if they actually had a workable water management policy it would help. But no, they have to waste untold amounts of water to keep a few aquatic ‘things’ alive in the bay, something like the UK EA ‘protecting water voles and flooding the Levels.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Opposing reservoir building and such like policies have not helped the situation.

    The old classic…

  3. Green on the outside. Green is superficial.

  4. ren says:

    Very strong growth in the galactic radiation.

    Nearly 18 micro sV per flight hour.

  5. ren says:


  6. tchannon says:

    Wearing white trousers. 🙂

    Next trick, trousers in washing machine, turn on water.

  7. ren says:

    Will there be a 6300 of counts?

  8. p.g.sharrow says:

    ?????????????? What Drought????????

    All I see is normal California weather.

    Over time It all balances. California is sometimes desert, sometimes swamp, often in the same year. My people have lived here since the early 1800s. I have lived here nearly 70. That is why we built the reservoirs and channels that the Ecoloons want to remove. HELLO! when I was young, before the major reservoirs were completed, the lower rivers would stagnate, warm and green, due to their low late summer flows. In some places they would disappear into their gravel beds. Far too many Eastern nut cases have moved into the paradise that we built and wish the recreate the wet that they remember of the east coast. California of today is man made. Before the Anglos settled the interior valleys no one lived there! Even the Indians avoided the valleys as they were too dangerous, too hot and dry and too prone to deep flooding in the winter rains. Several times during a 100 year span the valleys will fill with water to great depth. I have seen over 20 feet of water just outside the Sacramento City levees. Historic records claim 30 feet higher then that about once in 200 years. The last time was in the early 1800s.

    It appears that we are due for a very wet winter. This late spring has been cool and damp and I expect a damp summer. At least by California standards, followed by a cool and very wet winter. Maybe even drown out a few Ecoloons. pg

  9. wolsten says:

    I am not an expert but wouldn’t this green washing kill the grass? I suppose that would be consistent with other well-meaning but ultimately ill-conceived green policies.

  10. Gerry Pease says:

    Read The Scorching of California
    How Green extremists made a bad drought worse
    Winter 2015

    “New reservoirs to store millions of acre-feet of snowmelt could be built relatively quickly for the price of the state’s high-speed rail boondoggle. Latino voters—the state’s largest minority—might come around to the view that the liberal coastal elite’s obsession with environmental regulations leads to higher electricity rates, gasoline prices, and food costs, along with fewer jobs and economic opportunities. Barring that, there may be only two things left for California farmers to do: pray for the recent [December 2014] wet weather to continue [GP-it did not dontinue]; and, if it does, pray further that environmentalists do not send the precious manna from heaven out to sea.[much of what little rain did fall did drain out to sea]”

    Read entire article:

  11. E.M.Smith says:


    The idea that flushing 1/3 of the river water out to sea will save the Delta Smelt is another greenwash lie.


    It is an introduced competitor that is replacing them. Done by the State government.

    I am a native Californian of over 60 years and can confirm what PG said. A web search on Lake Sacramento is enlightening. Our State Capitol trucked in 14 foot of dirt to raise the city and avoid flooding after that…

    I posted this back in 2012 when we were in a wet phase and floods here were being blamed on Global Warming


    I watched the flood of 1958 from the banks of the Feather River and watched a flood take out the bridge over it in the 60s IIRC, with water about 2 feet from topping the levee and flooding our town then, and the drought of the 70s when the lakes were near dry like now. (scary thing for a kid to be standing on that levee looking at the 1/2 gone bridge and water rising as adults talked about what to do if it breached… Dad only let me stay for a minute or 2. Now would likely be arrested for child “endangerment”, where then it was education for a man in the making…)


    California cycles between flood and drought. Pineapple express air rivers when warm tropical air comes from Hawaii, and dry cold drought when the rain goes north or south of us and the air comes from Canada. In between “normal” when winter rains come from Alaska. Just wait a solar cycle or 2 and it all repeats…

    FWIW, my home town was 210 miles from the San Francisco Bay and 32 foot elevation. Yeah, not much slope… so winter rain made the Central Valley a lake until they built all the dams. We had 2 foot high curbs in town as all the lots were raised so that the normal foot or so of flood didn’t damage the buildings… Yup, curbs with steps built into them… Now folks wonder “Why the tall curbs?”

  12. Bob Tisdale says:

    Hmm. Painting dry grass green appears to be counter-productive. According to the webpage here…
    …lawns has an albedo of 0.18 – 0.23, while dry grass has an albedo of 0.28 – 0.32, meaning the dry grass absorbs less (reflects more) sunlight than lawns. Aren’t they helping to heat California by painting their lawns green?