Oops, June frosts

Posted: June 9, 2015 by tchannon in weather

A few gardeners will be unhappy about the notorious June frosts appearing during 2015 but I suspect not severe enough to damage much but it will check growth.


Note too how the wind caps temperature rise.

Ground frosts provided they are brief rarely cause damage, air frost is a different matter. Scotland, N Ireland, Wales, England were all cold where the wind was able to fall calm. We are almost at the longest day of the year so nights are brief, dawn is plain at 4am BST minimising the time for cooling.

We have had a series of pleasant days but rather cool at night, continuing, although a change in the weather is expected. Tends to be lovely sunny after dawn, then clouds turn up. We get a summer? Hopefully soon.

I noticed the house thermostat was calling for heat last night, if it did (is switched off at night) would have been brief… looks a nice day but outside the wind says cool.

Katesbridge dipped to -1C last night, an air frost. Aonach Mo wasn’t far behind, with a wind, not calm but that’s Scotland and 3000ft up. Eskdalemuir came very close, 1000ft, Shap, Bala, and so on. Plenty of places were cold enough for a ground frost.

Just checked, roof of my car reads +1.7C, plenty of time yet, calm, so there will be frost there before dawn. Clear sky, moonless, it is slightly colder then.


High pressure, no wind. Confused Atlantic.

The Met Office are not forecasting a summer, oh right, this *is* normal for England, why we go nuts if the sun shines.

Forecast for All regions (shared forecast) day16to30, from 2015-06-23 16hrs (Tue) to 2015-07-07 16hrs (Tue)

UK Outlook for Tuesday 23 Jun 2015 to Tuesday 7 Jul 2015:

A mixed picture is on the cards for late June and into early July but confidence is very low.
More settled conditions may hang on in the south at first, though there will be a trend that most places will probably be somewhat unsettled with showers or some longer spells of rain spreading in at times.
Interspersed with these will be drier conditions with some periods of sunshine.
The best of these drier brighter spells will be in the south where it will be warm at times again.
Temperatures elsewhere are likely to be on the cool side for the time of year and it may also be rather windy at times, particularly in the northwest.

Met Office forecast for period day6to15 issued at 2015-06-08T16:00:00

Forecast for All regions (shared forecast) day6to15, from 2015-06-13 16hrs (Sat) to 2015-06-22 16hrs (Mon)

UK Outlook for Saturday 13 Jun 2015 to Monday 22 Jun 2015:

Through Saturday areas of cloud are likely across the UK with a chance of some heavy and possibly thundery outbreaks of rain almost anywhere, except in the far northwest.
Many places will be rather cool although it could feel quite warm and humid in the south.
Things should become generally drier and brighter from the northwest later next weekend.
After a possibly more settled interlude early next week, during the second half of June, conditions are expected to be more unsettled and, at times, windy in the northwest with cloudier conditions bringing some rain at times and cooler temperatures.
Staying more settled generally in the south, though there will be a continued risk of more unsettled spells, but here the highest temperatures are also likely.

Post by Tim

  1. There have been some very cold nights in Devon throughout May and into June. My early potatoes have been knocked back to the ground on three occasions by ground frost (the BCC calls it grass frost) and the earliest runner beans are looking very yellow and sick. Fortunately I planted a succession of seeds so things will be OK if we don’t keep getting the odd frost. We have always been told that we are safe from frosts by the start of June, but this climate change thingy is definitely not listening.

  2. Brett Keane says:

    The Canadian ice and snow map has been showing a cold Nth Atlantic and North Sea. I think Ren forecast this – I’ve been watching with interest, and now it may be happening. Not warm in the SH, neither. Wish we weren’t being proved right!

  3. ren says:

    Brett Keane

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  4. ren says:

    Let’s see clouds in the North Atlantic. Ionization high.

  5. ren says:

    It will be recalled that a single GCRII initiate electrical discharges.

  6. tchannon says:

    It’s not polite of me to post without then replying to any comments, or at least that it how it will look.

    Head down in intense work.

    Katesbridge again.
    Dewpoint suggests it was misty, wind did not rise the same but neither did the temperature. The day wind effect is common

    Ask if you want the stations plots for the day or the data as CSV.

    UK extremes
    Parameter Location Value
    Highest maximum temperature Edinburgh Gogarbank 19.3 °C
    Lowest maximum temperature Lerwick 10.9 °C
    Lowest minimum temperature Katesbridge -1.9 °C
    Highest rainfall Houghton Hall 1.8 mm
    Sunniest Valley 15.7 hours

    Issued at: 0002 on Wed 10 Jun 2015

    There are serious problems with the Met Office humidity data, perhaps pointing to serious site equipment errors, however, the other problems with the data make it impossible to be sure of much.