High-tech solar projects fail to deliver – MarketWatch

Posted: June 15, 2015 by oldbrew in Energy
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‘Just too expensive.’ Who knew?


H/t David Dohbro


Another bright idea bites the dust!!

If you look back at history, you will see that it is littered with ideas that failed. It is of course the successful we are all benefitting from now.

What is different is that in those days it was not governments who picked the winners and losers.

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  1. M Simon says:

    No mention of the cost of supplying power for the rest of the day. Or the duplication of resources that requires. Or hot backup for clouds.

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    All of this Ecoloon stuff was tried before, back in the 1970s and was a flop. As soon as the subsidies ended in the 1980 they were abandoned and scrapped. One generation later a new batch of scamers lined their pockets with the help of stupid politicians. Now we all must pay for others stupidness. 😦

    There is no cure for stupid. pg

  3. Joe Public says:

    “Another bright idea bites the dust!!”

    Along with 3,500 incinerated-alive birds per year.

  4. oldbrew says:

    These are massively expensive vanity projects with no hope of ever replacing fossil fuel generation, for very obvious reasons e.g. intermittency, seasonality, day/night, lack of sites, and crazy cost.

    Plus technical issues which may or not be solved without more massive expense.

  5. hunter says:

    Here is a solar boondoggle and scam to watch (safely from a distance):

    [reply] Ivanpah is the one Paul Homewood was referring to (above)

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