The Tories must seize the chance to rethink climate change policy – Telegraph

Posted: June 20, 2015 by tchannon in solar system dynamics

Paul is seeing stirring in the swamp.


Are we finally seeing the first signs of commonsense from the MSM, regarding climate change?
Apart from the likes of Booker, Dellers and Rose, there has been little more then the odd whinge about energy bills.

Enter Fraser Nelson of the Spectator, who starts:

When Benedictine monks first arrived to restore Pluscarden Abbey, a beautiful ruin in northeast Scotland, they faced a battle against the elements. It had no roof, let alone heating, and even when restored to its medieval glory it cost a fortune to keep warm. But when I visited last month, I learned that a miracle has happened. A biomass boiler has arrived, tucked away next to the organ, with a subsidy scheme that turns cost into profit. For every £1 spent in woodchip, the monks receive £4 in subsidy. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but nothing is more mysterious than the financing of green energy.

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  1. J Martin says:

    Guess Drax must on the same nice little earner.

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    This does presuppose that the Tory Government can think.
    I have the feeling – from a great distance – that too many of them read The Guardian.

  3. tchannon says:

    Contracts, nothing happens without ink so whatever went on with Drax won’t be nice.

  4. Brian H says:

    The rent-seekers are in charge of the Treasury.

  5. Fanakapan says:

    Its likely we are on the edge of some Energy Revolution. When Fracked Gas and Oil comes on stream its going to bust up many if not all of the existing energy business models. Wont be good news for the energy companies, and certainly will doom all the current subsidy malarky.

    I have little doubt that the bigger players in the game will be fully aware of the situation, and are no doubt busy jumping on the as yet invisible to most, new bandwagon 🙂

  6. Richard111 says:

    When climate change policy leads to the following….

    This country is damned!

  7. ren says:

    It will be extremely hot forecast for western North America. The range of the jet stream shows brown and red area. The cold will be in the North Atlantic, northern Europe and Russia.

  8. stewgreen says:

    OT Roger but interesting
    Dave Gardner has done some research about Uni staff and students green voting
    Both staff and students seem to intend to vote Green at 6 times the population and 1/30th less likely to vote UKIP
    – Staff are 4 times more likely to vote Labour than Tory
    …yet public are more likely to vote Tory

    #2 article in the Independent about a survey for the voting intention of university STAFF:

    Labour 46%, Green 22%, Conservatives 11%, Lib Dems 9%, SNP 6%, UKIP 0.4%
    The results in the General Election for the UK general public in terms of vote percentages were:
    Labour 30.4%, Green 3.8%, Conservatives 36.8%, Lib Dems 7.9%, SNP 4.7%, UKIP 12.6%

    #3 The voting intention of UK university STUDENTS in the 2015 General Election
    Labour 31%, Green 25%, Conservatives 31%, Lib Dems 6%, SNP 3%, UKIP 1%

  9. ren says:

    The surface temperature of the North Atlantic continued to decline.

  10. ren says: