More, Grossly Deceptive Reporting From The BBC

Posted: June 28, 2015 by oldbrew in bbcbias, fracking

It’s obvious that whatever controls are supposed to be in place to ensure the BBC is ‘impartial’ – admittedly difficult to define, but you know when you’re not seeing it – are not working.

Lancashire CC has been warned it is likely to lose a legal challenge on appeal and will incur costs as a result.


By Paul Homewood


The BBC have been up to their tricks again.

A US environmental group has written to Lancashire County Council urging it to refuse permission to allow test drilling for fracking.

The letter, signed by 850 elected officials in New York State, comes days before the council decides whether to approve test drilling at two locations….

Elected Officials to Protect New York – made up of current and former politicians – has written to Lancashire’s councillors asking them to note the findings of a two-year study by New York State Department of Public Health.

In fact, the letter was not signed by “850 elected officials”, but just 10, not all of whom are elected either.


Many are no more than what we would call parish councillors. For instance, Cooperstown boasts an impressive population of just 1852, yet offers us two trustees to sign.

They have…

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  1. Joe Public says:

    Should anyone consider complaining to the Beeb, it’s easy:

    Takes about 10 minutes. If enough of us take the trouble, disquiet will appear in their management logs & sooner or later, someone will take note. An MP’s FOI enquiry will concentrate their minds.

    Remember – their initial standard response will be a rejection; simply persevere, & the complaint will be escalated. Their 2nd line of defence is a Complaints Director, BBC Editorial Complaints Unit.

    Their ‘Maginot Line’ is The Editorial Standards Committee (ESC) of the BBC Trust. They provide a higher quality rejection.

  2. The BBC long ago
    Stopped reporting the news;
    Now it’s just a conduit
    For opinions and views.

  3. oldbrew says:

    If the BBC can’t tell the difference between 10 and 850 it probably can’t find a valid complaint among its rejections either :/

  4. oldbrew says:

    Brian Butterworth asks: ‘Should Ofcom regulate the BBC?’

    ‘The BBC Trust seems to be not really living up to expectations. Would Ofcom be a suitable body to regulate the BBC? ‘

  5. hunter says:

    We are nearing an age most notable by the so-called progressives using any means necessary to end discussion on issues they deem important.
    It is also something that could be called a “dark age”