Heathrow tail spin

Posted: July 29, 2015 by tchannon in weather

Nothing like reality


Estimated mean July 2015 based on 1st through 2300 27th assume weather continues as-is, horrible, windy, damp, chilly

Normal from Norwegian weather service

Given the July 1st heat spike I wonder how the Met Office will spin things.

Summer weather to return as we head into weekend
28 07 2015

More summer-like weather will return to the UK with conditions and temperatures due to improve as we head into the weekend.

This will come as welcome news to many after a spell of disappointing weather over the past few days which has seen prolonged rainfall and some unseasonably strong winds.

Looks at calendar, Friday as we go into the weekend is 31st July.

Some readers might have noticed I’ve been largely silent on the 1st July spike, biding my time.

There are problems where none have been covered elsewhere at least that I have seen. As a devil I do detail.

The question marks, a number of them, fall onto technical matters outside of superficial knowledge.

This is very difficult to write up in a suitable form. All I can do is try, probably to silence.

Post by Tim

  1. Joe Public says:

    “Estimated mean July 2015 based on 1st through 2300 27th assume weather continues as-is, horrible, windy, damp, chilly”

    i.e. Normal for Scotland.

    We’ve had Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Weirding. I hereby copyright “Climate Drift”©.

  2. tchannon says:

    Out of curiosity what colour drift?

  3. Joe Public says: ‘”weather continues as-is, horrible, windy, damp, chilly” i.e. Normal for Scotland.’

    Yesterday I went and found my slippers because my feet were getting cold, I put the central heating on several times and … generally if it hadn’t been for the thermometer telling me it was cold I’d have thought I was coming down with some bug.

    As for “normal” in Scotland – having lived in England, the real difference is this: In England you get rain, and you put up an umbrella, but in Scotland you have to decide whether it’s English “rain” which is weak feeble stuff or whether it is Scottish “rain” which ignores umbrellas as it comes at you horizontally. And if you are English enough to put up an umbrella – it’ll tear it out of your hands or bend it and twist it.

    And that is really what bugs me about English weather forecasts – saying “it will rain” is pointless, because it’s always going to rain – the question is when it’s going to rain and whether it going to blow so hard it gets up your kilt.

  4. Kelvin Vaughan says:

    I like that Norwegian Weather site.

  5. tchannon says:

    Leg pull of Scottish Sceptic,

    Cold feet, complaining of rain? Caught yer not wearing your kilt.

    The Scots, the only nation to wear an umbrella around their waist, keep their feet dry.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Two Canadian weathermen ‘arrested’ for delivering the wrong kind of forecast 🙂


    [image credit: Washington Post]

  7. DD More says:

    Olbrew, they should implement the reverse of Environment Canada’s 7-day forecast to give us hope. +1 C. “Just throw it in late in the 7 day forecast, because after the 5th day, “your just throwing darts”

    As the video states there motto – “Environment Canada – Cloudy with a chance of making stuff up”