HADCRUT Cool The Past Yet Again

Posted: August 5, 2015 by oldbrew in alarmism, Dataset, MET office

The longer the so-called pause – the new normal? – goes on, the more popular ‘cooling the past’ becomes with state-funded organisations like the Met Office. Check the satellite records.


By Paul Homewood

HADCRUT have just released their latest version 4.4, and guess what? Yes, the past has been cooled again!

This is is how things have changed since version 4.3.

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  1. In the past, they had a thin veneer of credibility in that it might just have been chance that all the human-adjusted temperature datasets were significantly different from the only independent measure.

    However, as soon as they started “Upjusting” the trend – it was no longer a hunch from us sceptics, instead the evidence is plainly obvious and so – they have lost all credibility.

    For all it’s worth, I could just fabricate my own “dataset” using no data at all and say “it proves cooling”.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Temperatures going nowhere…

    July Data Rolls In…Consensus Of Datasets Agree: Warming Has Stopped… Global Temperature Firmly Stuck!

    Arctic sea ice isn’t ‘co-operating’ with man-made warming theory either. If genuine evidence means anything, it’s a bust.

  3. Paul Vaughan says:

    Exponential growth of changes to recent record:

    Still there are more naive people than not who don’t realize what a joke it’s getting to be.
    The corruption we’ve seen thusfar is probably nothing compared to the aggressive escalations of the future. By now they’re realizing they can get away with it because the public can’t even understand something this simple:

    It was a wake-up call for me when the skeptic community didn’t even seize the opportunity to hammer a point so simple & clear. I was left asking myself, “Wow. Is it really the case the people can’t trust and understand something so simple??” Unfortunately I believe the answer is “Yes”. Subtraction of one column of numbers from another column of numbers is all it takes to reproduce that …so any lack of trust suggests inability to add & subtract …so that’s not very flattering for the community and I can’t envision how the community can recover from such a pulverizing defeat. It may be game over. This failure of the community needs to be corrected …and fast. Get on it folks. I would be irresponsible if I did not point this out.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Time for the data-manglers to ‘discover’ a problem with satellite data perhaps 😉

  5. oldbrew says:

    One in the eye for the Met Office – on BBC Radio 4:

    ‘…this morning Letts was politely merciless as he ripped the Met Office – which costs the taxpayer around £200 million a year for doing something which private institutions often do better on a fraction of the budget.

    His show quoted independent forecaster Piers Corbyn – brother of bearded Socialist contender for the Labour party leadership Jeremy – who said:

    “They [the Met Office] spend hundreds of millions on supercomputers but even if you spent ten times that amount you would not improve their forecasting skill one jot. They’re ignoring external influences- solar activity and the modulation of solar effects on the moon…Rubbish in rubbish out.” ‘


    ‘Was all this, then, an argument that the Met Office was ripe for privatisation, Letts asked Peter Lilley.

    Lilley: “I’m not sure that anyone would buy it.” ‘

    LOL XD

  6. Roger Gough says:

    Bugger you Oldbrew, you got there before me ! What an ear-opener of a programme that was. So many useful quotes it’s difficult to choose the most helpful one. Maybe – for the benefit of the Public – the BBC could prevail on Piers and Jeremy (was this a working class family?) to discuss the subject on air. Would be great fun.

  7. Fanakapan says:

    Smacks of Desperation ? Using history as an example, the manipulations will be ‘Discovered’ at some point in the future, which will then give the politicians of the day a route away from their own failing proclamations.

    It only remains to be amazed that those who are perpetrating this fraudulent enterprise imagine that their efforts will never be used against them. Or maybe they’re just hoping to make it as far as the inconspicuousness that retirement offers.

  8. Stephen Richards says:

    So that’s why they needed the bigger computer. They needed to run their adjustments faster or they will be 2 months later releasing the monthly figures.


  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    “defence from the Met Office is that the changes make little difference to long term trends.”
    Maintaining the Trend is most important! What Pause? There is no pause in the trend!……..

    Figures don’t lie, But liers figure you won’t notice…. pg

  10. oldbrew says:

    Solar cycle 24 fading…