An Amber light on chicanery: avoiding EU

Posted: August 20, 2015 by tchannon in Energy, government, Legal, Politics

Centralism is also lunacy when one set of rules are applied to different, a northern Atlantic island is the same as Austria or Italy, bull. nevertheless which fools signed up to broken?

OTOH does this mean paying Germany? If not who?

Here is a report of unknown provenance given Reuters track record

UK may use EU small print to swerve impact of green cuts
LONDON | By Susanna Twidale

Britain is thinking of using an EU loophole to dodge the impact of its own subsidy cuts on renewable energy and escape fines for missing 2020 European renewable targets.

Under EU rules Britain could use the loophole, termed statistical transfer, which would see it pay other, greener, EU countries overshooting their targets, to make up the difference.

“We need to stay open to the fullest possible range of options for meeting the 2020 target, including the use of statistical transfer,” a spokeswoman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said.

Britain’s new Energy and Climate Change secretary Amber Rudd has announced changes to subsides for biomas [sic], solar and onshore wind projects to trim spiraling [sic] costs, which she said in June were likely to result in around 250 projects not being built.

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  1. michael hart says:

    Hmm…would statistical transfer also apply to buying nuclear power from France? Just get EdF or someone to build a couple more reactors in the London Borough of “East Kent” (or pas-de-Calais as it is sometimes referred to).

  2. ivan says:

    A simple solution. Cut all wind and solar subsidies now and then use the saved money to build the latest technology coal and gas generation plants.

    With the money saved the government could pay good bonuses for early completion.

  3. It’s just another example of EU madness.