Hawker Hunter crashes at south coast airshow, 7 confirmed dead, A27 blocked

Posted: August 22, 2015 by tchannon in Uncategorized

Breaking news of yet another air show crash.

Recently we seem to have had a spate of minor fixed and rotary wing crashes in this country.

This will be rated very serious.



I picked up on this as complementary to a very serious dispute which has been brewing for years between the blame game government services and the government air accident investigators who specifically stick to unearthing what happened. Personally I consider the latter do not go far enough, fail to also drive upwards to the regime, managerial.

“Insight – MH370 debris exposes divisions over air crash investigations”

Some degree of change might be sensible, the point seems to be over evidence for criminal prosecution. Now consider the adversarial nature of courts, not supposed to be, in practice is so. The French for example imagine they are honest and fair yet how often does the apparatchik prosecute itself?

I note that since the Glasgow police helicopter crash there seems to have been much less flying at night and over built up areas by the police and air ambulance. Has the message about the dicey nature of rotary wing finally got through?

At airshows, never point at people, this time crashing on a major road. Shades here of a very close call at Eastleigh Airport where a bad weather landing overshot onto the M27 motorway. They were lucky. Been other cases.

These are high management matters. I doubt a move to police style investigation would solve it.


Oh dear.

Spells a further tightening of airshow rules as if we hadn’t already learnt.

Post by Tim

  1. Andrew says:

    Rumours pilot was pulled out of the cockpit.

    People lining the road, watching the display.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Andrew: tweet says ‘Pilot in hospital’.

  3. tchannon says:

    Grief. Poor bastards.

    I have found video taken from a distance watching the plane showing a low altitude loop, apparently unstable as it approached the ground, probably wing drop, then an unbelievable frame where the aircraft has vanished at the point of impact, next frame start of first fireball.

    According to this the first ground contact point was the A27 and it looks like on traffic queued at traffic lights, about as bad as it could get. The picture Andrew shows is probably those traffic lights. Other video shows the contact fireball, a stream (sliding) and then final position fire.

    I’ll insert the link as not directly active. (didn’t work but is link, not view in-line)

    “https:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvHplYmh2f8

  4. tchannon says:

    If this is correct it looks like the flying was set up to avoid built up areas, would be the case, a lot of thought goes into safety. If you draw a line of minimal overfly that is it.

    Coming down just there is almost freaky. Few metres higher or lower and less carnage.

    50.841799 -0.295671

    I forgotten Ricardo Ltd was there, been there without realising the airfield was close.

    Better get a post up later to cover this one off the front page. A couple are close to ready.

  5. PeterMG says:

    I’m going to point out one obvious thing about this accident. The hunter seems to have gone into the loop with some flap set. As the Hunter should go into a loop with a rate of knots in excess of the limiting speed for extended flaps It appears perhaps he didn’t gain the height expected and the didn’t have the control to change his manoeuvre to recover. No doubt the AAIB will inform us in time. I wasn’t there today but have witnessed another fatal crash of a Hurricane where the pilot performed a derry turn at far to low a speed and stalled, crashing not far from this accident. I have also seen what I consider pilot misjudgements doing barrel rolls at the same end of the field that got my heart pumping for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps its just the place, the hills around and the rising ground, but it definitely shows up poor technique, and I’m not suggesting this was the cause today.

  6. Dodgy Geezer says:

    …Now consider the adversarial nature of courts, not supposed to be, in practice is so….

    I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying here – but the Common Law court system IS adversarial, and is designed and intended to be so. And this is well understood and accepted by those of us in the legal business.

    Inquiries are not necessarily so, but the courts certainly are…

  7. Fanakapan says:

    Back in the days when the Hunter was a viable service type, the RAF were losing about one aircraft a week to accidents.

  8. PeterMG says:

    Just finished reading Hawker Hunter – From the Cockpit. One of the themes that come through was the lack of preparation and the gung-ho attitude a leftover from WWII prevalent in the 50 and early 60’s. Also some early Hunters had the Bristol Siddeley Sapphire engine that was not reliable at all. The Rolls Royce Avon in the later versions was much more reliable. I don’t think what happened in the 50’s has any bearing on this accident.