Donna’s Erice talk, showing the scrag end which is the UN

Posted: September 1, 2015 by tchannon in Accountability, Big Brother, government, ideology, methodology, Politics, propaganda

An ought to read

“Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise has been watching the climate world since 2009. What she sees isn’t pretty.” — strap line from her blog. Donna has now put up a transcript with slides of a talk she gave to World Federation of Scientists in Erice, Italy, during August 2015



Now get that known to passengers. Oh why bother, they vote, look at the result.

Post by Tim


    “The AGW scenario is an excellent example of an unintended consequence of setting up intergovernmental bodies outside the political checks and balances of the system of Representative Democracy that has served western civilisation and most other civilisations (if indirectly) very well over the past 500 years.

    Bodies such as the IPCC should be consultative only. They are not qualified to make accurate scientific judgements without independent overview and are not qualified to make policy decisions without deferring to proper elected authority yet they are trying to do both.

    The IPCC could be said to be in breach of it’s own obligations in taking an inappropriate view of it’s own power and significance and to have acted irresponsibly by accepting the encouragement and support of third party interests seeking to gain from that breach of duty.”

  2. tallbloke says:

    Well said Stephen.

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    I think it more accurate to jus say “The IPCC ought not be…”

  4. E.M.Smith says: September 2, 2015 at 8:22 am


    “I think it more accurate to jus say “The IPCC ought not be…””

    How to insure such, before December? 🙂

  5. Stephen Richards says:

    This is not a process we, the plebs, can change. It will require a great statesman, or woman, to stand up and say “enough is enough”. Worse than that, this statesman will have to be american.

  6. oldbrew says:

    One problem is the IPCC’s ‘summary for policymakers’ which is a politically biased gloss on its own research with input from non-scientists.

    Scientific Critique of IPCC’s 2013 ‘Summary for Policymakers’
    Craig Idso, Robert M. Carter , S. Fred Singer, Willie Soon – October 16, 2013

  7. Kon Dealer says:

    An “investigative journalist”. How quaint.

    I thought they were extinct- they certainly died out in the BBC, Grunariad, and most of the rest of the MSM.

  8. michael hart says:

    Exactly. She is doing the job a journalist should be doing. No need for any detailed knowledge of science or appeals to authority.

    Perhaps the more interesting question is why there appear to be so few journalists ready willing and able to fulfill their ostensible job description in an arena which is claimed to be so important by so many in the media.