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Posted: September 22, 2015 by tchannon in Surfacestation

This article is of minor interest so no header image, save front page space.

The daily met Office site thumbnail plots I do includes a map of the UK showing the site numbers and locations. The red location cross now has a hot spot and can be clicked, taking you to a Bing maps view. Accuracy varies, not all sites have known exact locations, some have no good image, and some have disagreements Bing / Google.

Site 3772, Heathrow, initialises to showing a 747 on the runway. Click once on the + and it moves in to a superb view of the met site. Arrows allow rotation.

An example PDF is here, for 24 hours 21st September 2015

The weather was awful wet / damp without anything spectacular. Keele (text search or number search will work) must have been miserable, few hours below 100% humidity.

Larkhill (ID 3743) is one of several sites to nicely illustrate a frontal rain system moving through. Humidity is very high, pressure is falling, rain, cloud, then as the end wall of the front arrives the wind shifts, humidity drops, visibility jumps, get autumn evening sunshine.

Since I am archiving synoptic forecast/charts, 12 hrs chart is here. This shows an occluded front and cold front. These charts are the analysis for now but will be a degree of approximation. Close to what the weather station timed.

A lot of other enhancements are needed to the plots but I have to do it. Some “obvious” changes are not actually easy to do. There is no time pressure, when I feel like doing more.

In this case I wanted to give text in a mouse hover box but PDF portability issues arose.

For the technically minded I have added pdfmark very tricky to do. This is done as post processing to a PDF, in this case automated and uses ghostscript to do the actual file change. For a map this is rather fun, the page positions default to using points (1/72nd of an inch), now compute from site latitude and longitude. 🙂

Online maps pose problems too, features for example not freely usable. Bing is less of a problem and often better images, maps are also directly available.
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    The current position of the polar vortex enables the influx of Arctic air to Europe.
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