Al Gore scratches head over UK energy and climate policy: ‘I’m puzzled’ 

Posted: September 24, 2015 by oldbrew in climate, opinion, Politics



The UK government’s outbreak of limited common sense on some aspects of energy policy has apparently baffled professional climate propagandist Al Gore, reports the edie newsroom.

Former US Vice President Al Gore has launched a scathing attack on Britain’s floundering energy and climate policy, demanding “actions rather than words” from Prime Minister David Cameron ahead of the crucial climate change conference in Paris this December. Speaking at an event held by the Green Alliance in London earlier today (22 September), Gore wielded Barack Obama’s infamous “Yes We Can” slogan to hail the green energy revolution, but criticised Cameron’s regime for slowing the pace of change by scrapping an array of environmental policies.

“As a friend of the United Kingdom I must tell you, I am puzzled,” Gore said.

“Since the General Election, this country’s commitment to zero-carbon homes has been cancelled. The Green Deal has been scrapped. The Climate Change Levy exemption for zero-carbon energy has been removed. Solar and onshore wind support through the Renewables Obligation has been stopped. The Green Investment Bank will be privatised. The prevention of fracking in protected areas has been reversed. Feed-in tariffs are to be reduced by 87%. I’m puzzled.”

Full report: Al Gore: UK must face up to ‘inconvenient truth’ with climate strategy

‘Puzzled’ – well…he would be, wouldn’t he?

  1. Bloke down the pub says:

    He’s still preaching to the choir I see.

  2. Stephen Richards says:

    Doesn’t take a lot to confuse Gore. Doing his flys up is probably sufficient

  3. Keith Willshaw says:

    How do you make a zero carbon home ?

    Bricks are made by baking clay using fossil fuels, they are held together by cement made using fossil fuels. Wooden houses use carbon captured from the air by trees, even straw houses do that.

    Is St Al The Bore suggesting we should live in unheated animal skin tents so he can enjoy the high life in his Californian mansion ?

    Enquiring minds need to know.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Keith W: I guess he bought his seaside mansion AFTER he found out his sea level rise claims, like his hurricane alarmism, were garbage.

  5. Keith Willshaw says: September 24, 2015 at 11:36 am
    How do you make a zero carbon home ?
    Is it wrong to force the building industry to make energy efficient homes?
    is it wrong to help “the poor” in their energy inefficient homes insulate them so they can save money?

    Every GW saved means 1 less donation to the next gen nuclear builders.

    quibbling about wrong terminology is pathetic!

  6. AlecM says:

    I would love to see a residual zero carbon Gore……

    Corrupt barsteward…..

  7. Maybe we could all just use sun baked adobe. That would be zero carbon.

  8. Curious George says:

    I suspect that he is not a carbon-based life form.

  9. Fanakapan says:

    What happened vis a vis the allegations of sex pestery and the great Albert ?

    It all went a bit quiet, but coincided with his Mrs giving him the Bums Rush 🙂

  10. rishrac says:

    He’s probably puzzled at the 87%, should it be 97%? The science is settled. HOW COULD THEY…. oh my carbon credits, my carbon credits… what will happen to the transfer of wealth that poor corrupt countries were expecting? Will some despot be denied entry to Switzerland just because he doesn’t have enough ?

  11. If he had to pay for all those measures, he might not be so puzzled. But I recall his IQ was in double digits, so I guess it doesn’t take much to puzzle him.

  12. hunter says:

    Mr. Gore has a huge vested interest in the continuation of the polices he and his fellow hucksters have been pushing. He is confused as to how his business model, which has served him so lucratively these past decades, might be falling apart.