Green Reverse: Denmark abandons climate change targets, scraps electric car subsidies

Posted: October 10, 2015 by oldbrew in Politics
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Tesla model X [image credit: IB Times]

Tesla model X [image credit: IB Times]

Denmark, like Britain, has discovered that fanatical pursuit of so-called ‘green’ policies to ‘save the climate’ or whatever, is not financially sustainable, as Breitbart reports.

Denmark is slowly retreating from some of its most ambitious, self-regarding climate initiatives. In an unforeseen attack of common sense, the government is readying to end its generous tax breaks for citizens who buy low-carbon vehicles because of the expense imposed on the public purse. This will triple the retail price of electric cars like the popular Tesla (Model X, pictured) and remove their competitive price advantage against standard fossil fuel-powered models.

A draft budget proposed last week would extend an existing 180 per cent automobile tax to electric vehicles and place their pricing alongside all other standard competitors. Bloomberg reports the country will also make diesel vehicles more attractive by cancelling a pollution levy, according to provisions in the 2016 budget draft. The government is defending the measures by saying they will help businesses save money and create more jobs.

“Things have to be done with reason,” Finance Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen told reporters after the draft was unveiled in Copenhagen on Tuesday. Denmark’s move marks its latest retreat from measures that had once put the Scandinavian country at the forefront of policies designed to promote renewable energy. The three-month-old centre-right Liberal government led by Lars Løkke Rasmussen has already said it is abandoning ambitious CO2 emissions targets and dropping plans to become fossil-fuel free by 2050.

Denmark’s government has also flagged a pull back from decommissioning coal-fired power stations. That policy shift was revealed on Sept. 2, the same day U.S. President Barack Obama made a global appeal for urgent action to fight climate change. Mr. Frederiksen argues that tough decisions need to be made against the backdrop of a widening budget deficit and subsidising green power projects is no longer financially viable.

“The former government may have promised to keep electric cars exempt from car taxes, but they just forgot one thing: finding the money to do so,” Mr. Frederiksen said.

Full report: Green Reverse: Denmark Abandons Climate Change Targets, Scraps Electric Car Subsidies

  1. oldbrew says:

    ‘dropping plans to become fossil-fuel free by 2050’

    The prospect of economic suicide becomes less attractive the nearer it gets.

  2. Joe Public says:

    One direct consequence affecting every person in Denmark, of the “fanatical pursuit of so-called ‘green’ policies”:

  3. Chaeremon says:

    @Joe Public: these figures resemble, to some extend with sciency “high certainty”, the Debt Circus in political EU Moneygrabber Circus. A spreadsheet from IMF data (last time data was available for 2012) shows there exist 3 EMU Circus classes:

    A: those who owe themselves by owing someone else in EMU who owes back into the circle: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK

    B: those who earn interest from “them” below (may also pay “them” above): Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden

    C: those who “just” pay their bills: Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia

    I think that those who opted out or still not on € (like Denmark) and are Not Puppetmasters In The EMU Circus, that they value their people and culture higher than lull(wind)mills and sunless moonpower.

  4. rishrac says:

    But what about funding all those third world countries from CAGW? Wasn’t that the idea to bankrupt the west? I wonder if dear Al ord will again disappointed following hot on the heels of jolly Ole England? ( must share a common bond with the benevolent leader of N. Korea, and Kennedy where no one disagrees or else your a criminal). It must be the Gore effect. And to think they hosted the last watermelon event. Sacrifices must be made! Isn’t it worth reducing the country to abject poverty in order to save the planet? …. Maybe not. …. coal stocks are at depressed levels, I wonder who is buying them up? Somebody will make an enormous profit, if as predicted by some, that it starts to get colder.

  5. oldbrew says:

    The amount of tax on electricity bills is also a factor.

    ‘The share of taxes and levies (including VAT) within the total price of electricity was lowest in the United Kingdom and Malta (both 4.8 %), resulting from a relatively low VAT rate being applied to the basic price, while no other taxes were added; these were the only two EU Member States where the share of taxation in the final price was in single digits.’

    ‘At the other end of the scale, the highest proportion of taxes in the final price of electricity for consumers was recorded in Denmark, where more than half (56.8 %) of the final price was made up of VAT, taxes and levies, as was the case in Germany (51.6 %); Portugal (41.7 %) had the next highest share.’

  6. 2015 is really turning out to be the year the retreat from climate madness gets into full swing.

  7. Stephen Richards says:


    Look at the french costs and taxes. We have the cheapest electricity but massive taxes starting with 20% VAT finishing with about 30% agency taxes, green taxes. The socialists have vowed to raise the taxes even further over the next 5 years.

  8. Stephen Richards says:

    Scottish Sceptic says:

    October 10, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    2015 is really turning out to be the year the retreat from climate madness gets into full swing.

    Not from where I sit. The momentum gathered this past year has been massive. The agw crowd have been all over social media, french TGV train travelling the country, potsdam shoving out crap, USA as well. They have created massive momentum ahead of paris.
    They are expecting to scare the cowards like cameron & the greedy like hollande and the eu into signing a 2°C legally binding charter, whatever that is.

    My understanding, which is likely wrong, is that Obama cannot sign any legally binding rules without passing the two houses. However all the others can and will. The russkis and chinese will have some get out clause written in so that the UN can say that everyone signed and agreed.

  9. oldbrew says:

    Stephen Richards says: ‘Look at the french costs and taxes. We have the cheapest electricity but massive taxes starting with 20% VAT finishing with about 30% agency taxes, green taxes.’

    Re ‘cheapest electricity’ – not for much longer 😦

    ‘FRANCE: Renewables will supply 40% of France’s electricity demand in 2030, according to the energy transition law adopted by the French parliament.’ – July 2015

  10. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    The green fog is slowly but surely lifting. Reason is returning. The age of collective madness finally in retreat.

  11. Fanakapan says:

    The ‘Scam’ was always going to reach the point where the politicians would be unwilling to commit job suicide by levying taxes in support of subsidy beyond a certain level.

    The current and ongoing world depression has meant that the gouging has reached its limit well in advance of the weather not co operating to the point where warming stats become ‘Obvious’ fantasy 🙂

  12. oldbrew says:

    Fanakapan: except those politicians not allowed to run for re-election e.g. Obama.

    If or when the warmist thing finally crumbles under the weight of its own fabrications, it will be in or after his last days in office.

  13. Fanakapan says:

    Obama’s pushing of the Scam is interesting, if not downright strange. One must conclude that it is yet another manifestation of Goldman and Sach’s hope to make large amounts on the back of carbon credits ?

    If as speculated, GS have the power to manipulate the Australian government, then getting the POTUS to align himself and promote with a lost cause would be childs play 🙂

    The wonder of it all must be, that GS imagine that the warming nonsense has Not passed into its terminal stage ?

  14. johnbuk says:

    Fanakapan: except those politicians not allowed to run for re-election e.g. Obama.”
    Or our unelected Tsars in the EU.

  15. oldmanK says:

    Oldbrew said “price of electricity was lowest in the United Kingdom and Malta”. The price of electricity is political, on top of the price of oil which is a policy.

    Where energy and its generation and use is concerned insanity rules.

    The cost in energy use of an energy efficient light bulb is higher that the old filament type. the energy cost of a hybrid auto over its lifetime is higher than that of a ‘hummer’.

    Engineering in the hands of lawyers, so what do you expect.

  16. oldbrew says:

    They could try this instead 😉

    Scientists: Genetically Modified Humans Can Fight Climate Change

    Or maybe not.

  17. oldmanK says:

    Oldbrew said “Scientists: Genetically Modified Humans Can Fight Climate Change”. You may have hit the jackpot there.

    Who says we are not already ‘genetically modified apes’. The purpose : to regenerate the planet and return to atmosphere the locked up carbon. A form of yeast, it dies in good wine of its own making.

    But then does anyone know what’s in store for humanity (and the rest) with ‘climate change’? Evolution on the move.