Deforestation rates in the Brazilian Amazon down 80% in the last decade

Posted: October 13, 2015 by oldbrew in innovation, News, Politics
Amazon near Manaus [credit: Wikipedia]

Amazon near Manaus [credit: Wikipedia]

Read the full article by Conserve if possible – this is just the introduction.

What do you think of when you hear the words “Amazon rainforest”?

Do you think about parrots and poison dart frogs, about marmosets and massive trees, and how tropical rainforests are home to roughly 50% of the species on Earth? Do you think about the vast scale of the Amazon, an immense ecosystem that covers 40% of South America and produces 20% of the world’s oxygen?

Or do you think of deforestation, clear cutting, and environmental disaster?

Such thinking is certainly warranted. Since 1970, an area of the Amazon larger than the size of Texas has been cleared. Apart from the irreplaceable loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, deforestation emits substantial greenhouse gasses, accounting for nearly 20% of global emissions. In short, deforestation of the Amazon is bad news.

But now, more than ever, there is hope for the Amazon on the horizon.

Full story: 6 Ways Brazil is Saving the Amazon | Conserve

  1. oldbrew says:

    Satellite monitoring since 2004 has been a big help.

    Report: ‘Satellite monitoring in Brazil is estimated to have prevented deforestation of 59,000 square kilometers of rainforest from 2007 to 2011.’

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    The primordial Amazon forest that has been there forever and is being “Totally’ lost due to the actions of man and can “Never ” be replaced. Is total BS. Any part that is ignored for a single generation is totally overgrown and repopulated with wild life.

    When the Conquistadors floated down the river in the early 1500s they remarked that it was fully populated with village, farms and cities and a huge population. We now know that this is true. As the area is cleared, city, roads,canals,and vast garden areas are discovered. The primordial forest is at most 400 years old and will regrow very quickly if the land is left on it’s own.

    Most of the Lost Species claimed are in fact conjecture as they are based on guesses about things that never existed…pg