Fracking ‘could give Scotland independence from England’ says top industrialist

Posted: October 18, 2015 by oldbrew in Energy, fracking, government, Shale gas

North Sea oil and gas - a sunset industry? [image credit:]

North Sea oil and gas – a sunset industry? [image credit:]

The notion of an independent Scotland boosting its economy with the proceeds of North Sea oil may be looking a bit threadbare after the recent slump in the price of oil, but there could be another way forward as E&T Magazine reports.

Scotland should embrace fracking in order to gain economic independence from England according to the chief executive of chemicals company Ineos.

Jim Ratcliffe made his comments prior to a debate on the issue held today by the Scottish National Party (SNP) at its conference in Aberdeen, where party members narrowly rejected a bid to toughen up the stance on fracking amid calls for an outright ban.
Ineos has acquired fracking exploration licences across 700 square miles of central Scotland.

In January, the Scottish Government introduced a temporary ban on granting consents for onshore unconventional oil and gas, including fracking, whilst further research and a public consultation is carried out. In addition, it was announced last week that the policy would be extended to cover underground coal gasification.

Writing in the Scottish Sun, Ratcliffe appealed to the Scottish Government not to delay a decision on the technology for too long, arguing that shale gas would be “crucial” to Scotland’s future as North Sea gas runs out.”Shale gas is Scotland’s best and last chance to gain economic independence,” he said. “We respect the Scottish Government is deep in thought over fracking. It’s an important decision for the country to take. But take too long and the opportunity will pass by.

“England is now moving forward with shale and it would be a tragedy for Scotland if they end up taking the lead in this exciting industry, securing the jobs and investments. It could mean that the north-west of England becomes the next Aberdeen, rather than our central belt.” “Shale gas will generate jobs and help secure manufacturing. It will encourage investment. It will help communities through our scheme to give locals 6 per cent of proceeds.”

SNP ministers have said the fracking moratorium will allow for more research and consultation on the technique, a process which is not expected to be completed until spring 2017.

Source: Fracking ‘could give Scotland independence from England’ says Ineos chief – E & T Magazine

  1. Fanakapan says:

    I should have thought that fracking would mean England gaining energy independence from Scotland ?

    In the real world the upcoming EU referendum is more likely to promote Scottish independence, should it result in an Out vote.

    Its interesting that the question of coming out of the EU meaning an end of the Union is starting to be asked, but as yet I’ve not heard any of the anti EU crowd having an answer.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Who’s paying for this if it ever happens?

    ‘The project is identified as a ‘National Development’ in National Planning Framework 3 which was published by the Scottish Government in June 2014 and a ‘Project of Common Interest’ by the European Union.’

    ‘Northconnect, a project to link the electricity transmission systems of Scotland and Norway with a subsea cable, took an important step forward with a planning application submitted for the onshore elements of the project in Aberdeenshire.

    The interconnector would have a capacity of 1.4GW and enable the transmission of electricity in both directions between Scotland and Norway.’

  3. tchannon says:

    “The interconnector would have a capacity of 1.4GW and enable the transmission of electricity in both directions between Scotland and Norway.’”

    What else but electricity would flow, single malt? 🙂
    Maybe not to Norway.