Michael Portillo gets it: Discovers that Antarctic ice mass has been increasing for decades

Posted: November 8, 2015 by tallbloke in Accountability, Analysis, Big Brother
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Politician turned pundit Michael Portillo made this comment on BBC’s ‘This Week’ programme, hosted by the more than slightly sceptical (on the qt) Andrew ‘brillo’ Neil.

I bet the BBC high-ups are incensed with NASA’s climate denialism, and even more incensed that their political anchor is using his editorial freedom to slip these morsels of climate realism past the BBC climate gatekeepers, with the connivance of guest personalities like Portillo.

  1. tallbloke says:

    Yeah. No further discussion during the programme that I could find while flicking through though…

  2. UKIP Middleton & Belle Isle says:

    Has he been sacked yet? Evil climate-denier that he is?!

  3. oldbrew says:

    Studies suggest a strong correlation between the increase in Antarctic sea ice and the fanaticism of climate crackpots 😉

  4. wolsten says:

    Always like listening to Portillo. Bravo to him and Neil.

  5. wolsten says:

    Started following them. I notice there was a big reaction for and against on Twitter as a result. No link to the telegraph article so I can’t check but it does sound like they are reporting NASA data? It’s come to a strange state of affairs if the alarmists don’t even believe their propaganda in chief.

  6. wolsten says:

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    As TallBloke points out, Andrew Neil finds another way past the climate gate keepers at the BBC. Note that Michael Portillo uses the correct terminology of “global warming”. Apparently this has upset a lot of people on Twitter. Excellent.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Tony Heller has more on NASA and CO2:

    ‘NASA Has Known Since 1971 That CO2 Is Not Dangerous, Yet Lied To The Public Continuously’

  8. craigm350 says:

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    Haha absolutely brilliant 🙂

  9. John Silver says:

    What about the Arctic:


  10. oldbrew says:

    John: yes, it’s closing in on the 1979-2010 average.

  11. BLACK PEARL says:

    The advantages of being a ‘seasoned’ reporter eh !
    I guess he’ll be saying to the BBC Illuminati ‘sack me’ ! Yeah “Go Ahead make my day”

  12. tallbloke says:

    Brillo’s skewering of Ed Davey a couple of years ago was most enjoyable, though nothing will ever beat what Peter Sissons did to the Brighton elf.


    “The leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas, went into the Westminster studio to be interviewed by me on the BBC News channel. She clearly expected what I call a ‘free hit’; to be allowed to voice her views without being challenged on them.

    I pointed out to her that the climate didn’t seem to be playing ball at the moment. We were having a particularly cold winter, even though carbon emissions were increasing. Indeed, there had been no warming for ten years, contradicting all the alarming computer predictions.
    Well, she was outraged. I don’t have the actual transcript, but Miss Lucas told me angrily that it was disgraceful that the BBC – the BBC! – should be giving any kind of publicity to those sort of views.

    I believe I am one of a tiny number of BBC interviewers who have so much as raised the possibility that there is another side to the debate on climate change.

    The Corporation’s most famous interrogators invariably begin by accepting that ‘the science is settled’, when there are countless reputable scientists and climatologists producing work that says it isn’t.
    But it is effectively BBC policy, enthusiastically carried out by the BBC environment correspondents, that those views should not be heard – witness the BBC statement last year that ‘BBC News currently takes the view that their reporting needs to be calibrated to take into account the scientific consensus that global warming is man-made’.

    Politically the argument may be settled, but any inquisitive journalist can find ample evidence that scientifically it is not.
    I was not proud to be working for an organisation with a corporate mind so closed on such an important issue. Disquiet over my interview with Miss Lucas, incidentally, went right to the top at the BBC although, naturally, they never sought to discuss it with me.”

  13. michael hart says:

    That’s an interesting article, TB. Quite insightful.

    I also note this quote:
    “The ITN for which I worked also provided other contrasts with today’s practices [at the BBC]: the way that powerful pressure groups, especially the environmental ones, now expect uncritical access to the airwaves.”

    Six years later, it is clearly no better. Enough said.

    I think the BBC now see Michael Portillo as the acceptable face of Conservatism. I do indeed enjoy Portillo’s appearances on the BBC, but I suspect that he is only now acceptable to the BBC in a ‘grandfatherly’ sort of way. He won’t actually say anything too political that the hierarchy is uncomfortable with, and he can still be a token Conservative as a foil against criticisms of being partisan. He does at least have the advantage that he will, in his past political career, have received worse complaints to the BBC, both external and internal.

  14. […] An inspiring article by Peter Sissons on the Mail Online called “PETER SISSONS: I drove out of Television Centre for the final time last month… and I don’t have a pang of regret” was recently brought to my attention by TallBloke. […]

  15. wolsten says:

    Hi Rog, that Peter Sissons’ article makes welcome reading. Not sure how it has taken me so long to find out about it but many thanks for sharing. BBC bias really disturbs me, prompting me to add my tuppence worth here: https://wolsten.wordpress.com/2015/11/09/peter-sissons-and-the-bbc-approach-to-news/