Era ending for Martin’s Booty

Posted: November 15, 2015 by tchannon in climate, Dataset, History, weather

Back in April I noticed this but did not post an article


Many people have wandered through the wonderland Martin created during the early years of the world wide web. His painstaking construction of an annotated weather timeline from ancient times up to today.

Booty Meteorological Information Source

IMPORTANT: Some elements on this web site will continue to be maintained as long as I am able – mainly the West Moors local weather data: however, the ‘Weather in History’ section will have to be ‘frozen’ now as I can no longer access the ‘raw data’ to add-to / amend the entries. However, I’m pleased to report that the British Library have offered to archive the entire site (with the ‘Weather in History’ files embedded) and this will mean that the data will be available as long as that organisation is in being: the host web site is HERE: enter the search term ” Booty Meteorological ” into the text box to find the data.

Will The British Library archive well enough? Only time will tell.

He has invited taking a copy of items of private interest, not the same as copyright release.

I think it would be nice if someone younger stepped up and maintained without changing the flavour too much.

I decided to create a local copy of the Booty site (because I know how to)  and make it available here for posterity.

Booty archive as zip (15MB)

Usage, unzip all the contents into a disk directory.
There are three entrances to the local site.

  1. I hand created a link page entrance-to-booty.html, click on that
  2. Navigate two levels down in the directory
    click on index.htm or index.html

In theory standard Windows XP onwards can work inside .zip archives  so unzip might not be needed.


Post by Tim

  1. Wayback Machine direct archives: e.g.

    Snapshots of the site’s pages go back to about 2007.

  2. tchannon says:

    I’d not looked at archive Bernd, that’s good.

    Its not impossible for a programmer to largely automate an update, I could. Keeping it clean from opinion might be harder.

  3. Not sure how I could help but – as a regular user of this – I’m willing to lend my services. This is a very important part of our weather history that is free of any bias. Let me know, Tim

  4. tchannon says:

    Under normal circumstances I might look into helping. I may be leaving.

    It would need a safe web server, preferably paid long term. The systems behind managed / archived / public.

    And then a very hard problem. Brilliance always comes from supported individuals, never from committees, groups, one of the laws of life. The second part of this is the extremely rare individual who can manage selflessly without being a control freak at the same time as absolutely assertive when necessary. (total resistance to want want want, answer is no)

    I’d look at tackling the problems as follows.

    We are only interested in updating data based representation. Therefore writing code to reproduce the basic present record is the first step.

    Associated with the above is a human created set of notes, additional information.

    Put the two together and that is more or less it.

    Producing renderable web is a translation. IMO best done as simple static HTML because only this is widely portable, no script, no fancy and no dynamic web content trouble or security issue.

    Update runs monthly, which may or may not produce visible change.

  5. tchannon says:

    Updated See article, I’ve created a downloadable copy of Booty site for local browsing.

  6. tallbloke says:

    Thanks for finding the time to do this, when you’ve so much else on at the moment. Excellent resource.

  7. lapogus says:

    Yes. thanks for doing this Tim. Much appreciated. And thanks to Martin for putting all the hours into the original site, which is indeed a great resource. I have linked to it many times over the years (mainly in comments on Bishop Hill when the subject has been about extreme weather events). A few times I asked Richard Betts and Tasmin Edwards to go and take a look at Booty – for example to compare the wet summers experienced in the 1750s to recent years. But I never saw any replies.

  8. craigm350 says:

    Sad to see this excellent resource end. Thanks Tim.