Paris gets the party started #COP21

Posted: November 29, 2015 by Andrew in alarmism, solar system dynamics

imageThe latest last chance to save the world has begun, with just 200+ arrests so far.

Here we go again, the biggest names in the political and climate world are gathering to pretend that they are intent on saving the world again. Quite simply the Oscars of virtue signalling.

Yet its is (almost) set in stone that this conference is set to fail in its primary objective. That is, to force rich countries to quietly destroy their economies and for the poor economies, with the highest death rates, to reject energy & prosperity.

The Pointman has delved into the details of the Bonn preconference conference and assures us this event is set to fail. Meanwhile there is a timely reminder in a guest post at Bishop Hill on the genuine problem of extreme poverty.

What sets COP events out from the rest is of course the side events, the preening, posing, tears and tantrums. We’ve already had #birthmark. Useful idiots tattooing the CO2ppm of their brithday. #Climatemarch, Some people, led by famous people, waving banners demanding: blue sky, stop climate change, stop sea level rise….



Anti capitalists have gathered in force, those in the title picture picking fights with police, along side those inside the conference centre, hot seating so they have the best chance to have the last word.

World leaders will attend the start of the conference to “prevent the failure of Copenhagen”. They are determined not to make the same mistakes. Instead to make a host of new ones. America & Canada have rejected a legally binding Treaty, it appears France has, after a great deal of protest, capitulated.

The complimentary leak has occurred. Someone has revealed a US confidential note, setting the terms for the talks. As expected, each country will set its own targets and limits.

There will be a great deal of air time pushing the importance of this last chance. All the world’s greatest useful idiots will get another 15 minutes of fame. The NGOs will curse the slow progress. The leaders will promise as little as possible, while saying quite the opposite. Red lines will be repainted again and again, then end up in much the same place. There will be overnight and sleepless negotiations. Twitter will melt under the pressure. Then the breakthrough-ish. More work will be needed. COP22 around the corner.

See you there.



  1. Andrew says:

    The protestors are already falling out with each other
    The people’s front of Judea hate the Judean people’s front

  2. tallbloke says:

  3. catweazle666 says:

    “This is what the climate change protesters have done to the memorial to those murdered last week”


  4. oldbrew says:

    Climate cliffhanger – latest edition…

    Click to access ClimateCycle.pdf