#COP21: The game is afoot

Posted: December 4, 2015 by Andrew in alarmism, Big Green


After the Lord Mayor’s show of the first day, comes the nitty gritty and the battle over brackets and red lines

Now most of the world’s leaders are back doing their day jobs, their minions are left to bid, barter and Bitch, over every word and phrase in the proposed text, which now stands at a modest 46 pages. With each square bracketed section, a point for further [negotiations].

The first road block that is causing much constenation, as predicted, is that of “Loss & Damage”

Will there be an insurance policy for climate damages? maybe. What about displacement of populations due to climate? The Syrian experience has added an edge to this issue. Scaring developed nations, while acting as a ghost of migrations yet to come, for those “at risk” nations that are [demanding] [help]. This is an area that is prime for a [fudge]. However, Compensation & Liability is clearly a red line for the developed nations. It appears, on this at least, Obama is not for turning.

Some of the island nations have been pushing for a new temperature target to be added to the [agreement] text. Instead of the [infamous] 2c  limit, it was proposed that drowning islands need the limit to be 1.5c, as 2c was too little to [save] them. This proposal was well and truly Pooh poohed by Saudi Arabia & India.

Another point of contention is finance. Developed nations now want rewrite the  convention, where they pay for everything, to be weakened.  Firstly: how much each developed nation pays, to depend partly on how much they are [able] to pay. Secondly: that better off developing nations i.e China, also donate to the fund. The G77 is not impressed.

Meanwhile the more [creative] activists are lying deadish on the concrete outside, and displaying boulders of ice. [Bless]image


Breitbart reports on why China’s scepticism of AGW will guarantee failure. The Instute of Economic Affairs declares the UK climate change act a “colossal and pointless waste of money”.

So far #COP21 is proceeding as expected.


  1. oldbrew says:

    The myth of saving the climate or the world or whatever it is, rumbles on. Embarrassing.

  2. rod says:

    You don’t have to be crazy to be an agw nut, but it helps.