Video of Interviews with Paris Climate Challenge attendees

Posted: December 7, 2015 by tallbloke in fuel poverty, government, greenblob, People power, Philosophy, Travel
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Piers Corbyn brought a friend, Mark, to the Paris Climate Challenge who helped enormously with the video editing and interviewing work. He runs his own site called ‘Windows on the World’ where he has posted a half hour program showing interviews with some of the attendees at the Paris Climate Challenge, including Niklas Morner, Franco Maranzana and Philip Foster.


Click the image to see the video at Mark’s site – help raise his hit count please.

We were unable to cover any of Mark’s expenses from our shoestring budget and we’d like to, as he’s on a shoestring budget himself. If anyone would like to help, please use the donate button in the top left corner of the talkshop. All donations, of whatever size are appreciated.  – Thanks for your help. With it, we can keep on fighting the corruption and disinformation wrecking science’s good name and impoverishing the ordinary people of the world.

Thanks for your consideration.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the videos we’ve made of more of the talks at PCC15 linked here

  1. Bob Weber says:

    Roger, I just watched your video – well done. You are a very good speaker! When you can see all the main points you put together all at once it makes all the individual blog posts here add to up to something great. It’s a pleasure to know this is ongoing.

    Actually my work is only a similar subset of yours, only covering TSI, OHC, & SST, so I can really appreciate the degree to which you’ve gone in your thinking.

    Mark, the two videos I watched were good solid productions and they were up quick – no problems. Now I’m going to watch the others. Enjoy.

  2. hunter says:

    A small donation has been made. I wish it could be more than a drop in the bucket.

  3. tallbloke says:

    Hunter: Many many thanks, all assistance appreciated, and anything, no matter large or small, helps keep our fight against malpractice and propaganda going.

    Bob: Thanks for the props. It is all coming together research-wise, though as you say, it’s so spread out on the blog that it doesn’t seem so. Next step is to specify a gravity model which will confirm the effect of the gas giants on Earth’s length of day. After that, it’s on towards showing the same thing for the Sun’s surface plasma layers. That’ll be more speculative, since we don’t have good data on viscosity etc, but we can only work with what we have.

  4. hunter says:

    You are most welcome. It was sent via paypal, but I have not received a confirmation yet for some reason. I will check my paypal account soon and see if it was hung-up.