Gordon Valentine Manley and his work

Posted: December 11, 2015 by tchannon in climate, History, weather

This recent paper turned up when I was looking for information on Manley of CET fame. This may be of interest to some readers. Side effect I can reference this from an article I am producing on CET.

Endfield, G. H., Veale, L. and Hall, A. (2015), Gordon Valentine Manley and his contribution to the study of climate change: a review of his life and work. WIREs Clim Change, 6: 287–299. doi: 10.1002/wcc.334

To my surprise with Wiley group this appears to be open access.

Quoting a quote from the paper

“Have you ever wondered why we in this country
have been so active? Have you ever looked at a world
population map and wondered why the great ‘blobs’
of world population are where they are? Have you
ever wondered why the active subscribers of world
civilisations are primarily in Europe?”

Data I was seeking, year he died, 1980.

Post by Tim

  1. Of note in the conclusion:

    “Manley was certainly no supporter of studies which were not based on first hand scientific investigations and does not seem to have been enthralled by developments toward environmental modeling, arguing instead that ‘turbulent studies by the experimental method might provide better models of what goes on in both time and space on the earth’s surface’”

  2. tchannon says:

    Could be the article on the way will show why his gravestone is melting from frictional spinning.