Conversation with Paul Pukite

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  1. tallbloke says:

  2. Paul Vaughan says:

    Another reminder:

    Nov 29, 2009 Piers Corbyn outlined in detail the draconic & tropical roots of Chandler & QBO, referring to work his group did years earlier.

    I’ve outlined his insight countless times since then (e.g. in detail in a 2011 article). People had years to look at the summaries before 2014. I suspect lots of other people knew about it years ago. Why wouldn’t they? Such simple wheels get rediscovered repeatedly.

    This reminds me of those who were so determined that Ivanka Charvatova should not be recognized for her 1988 work on U-N.

    And look at JEV:

    Bollinger had it figured out in 1952 and for the longest time I thought Desmoulins was first (in the 1990s). I just didn’t know about Bollinger’s work until it turned up in a search one day.

    It’s kind of funny that people play these games, but it’s also disrespectful.

  3. Paul Pukite needs to read:

    “Previously established facts about the lunar influence upon the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO).
    Pukite [1] has identified four spectral peaks that contribute the greatest power to his QBO model.

    These are:

    Period________Relative Strength____________Pukite’s Attribution

    2.370 years________54.6________________Draconic month annually aliased
    2.528 years________25.3________________Mf’ annually aliased
    2.715 years________22.1________________Tropical month annually aliased
    1.960 years________21.6________________half x (the anomalistic cycle annually aliased)

    These have been previously identified by Vaughan [2] who has attributed their discovery to Piers Corbyn on or before the 29th November 2009.”

  4. Paul Vaughan says:

    I have the e-mail from Piers Corbyn archived. If someone can get his permission I’ll post it. I’m getting sick and tired of correcting people on this. It’s f**king annoying.

  5. Paul Vaughan says:

    Look what is now out in public:

    Click to access grumbine_wobble_2014.pdf

    Note the date written on each page and recall what I illustrated on the BDO (bidecadal oscillation) thread. This is getting too funny…

    If you go over to Pukite’s site you’ll see he’s also recycling what I showed in 2008. What a joke this is turning into…

    The west is caught red-handed in an elaborate deception and trust isn’t going to be restored that easily.

  6. tallbloke says:

    I’ve emailed Piers.