Is David Cameron fit to lead our Democratic Country?

Posted: February 25, 2016 by tallbloke in EU Referendum, Politics, solar system dynamics

Yesterday, Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, had the civil service issue a letter to those ministers in his cabinet who are campaigning to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum on June 23rd, which debars them from accessing “government material” to help their case.

Who does David Cameron think pays for the creation of that material? It is the people of the United Kingdom. Defending his action, Cameron said:

I’m very happy with the letter that was sent out for this reason and that is the Government has a position on this issue.

The Government’s position is that we will be better off in a reformed European Union.

Ministers are free to part from that position and campaign in a personal capacity, that is, I think, a very important statement, it’s right in terms of how we go about it, but it does not mean the Government is neutral, it doesn’t mean the civil service is neutral, the Government has a policy from which people can depart.


So it appears that David Cameron has decided that the UK’s civil service is a partisan organisation working on behalf of  European Union interests.

Meanwhile, the Civil service has sent out a letter purportedly signed by retired military top brass, saying they think Britain is more secure in the EU. One of the ‘signatories’ General Sir Michael Rose had this to say about it.

I happen to believe sovereignty and security are intrinsically linked and in recent years we’ve seen the EU erode our sovereignty

He told Sky News he had been sent a draft of the letter and was aware it was being prepared but had decided he did not want to sign it. Sir Michael has since asked for his name to be removed from the letter.

What do these two abuses of power say about David Cameron’s fitness to be the prime minster of a democratic country? He seems to have forgotten that any parliament, upon it’s dissolution, must return sovereignty to the people undiminished. His aim and purpose is to shackle the UK to the failing EU and its increasingly overbearing, intrusive institutions. That purpose is aiming to diminish Britain’s sovereignty. If Tony Blair hadn’t repealed them, David Cameron would be finding himself on the wrong side of the treason laws.



  1. Andrew says:

    Lord Howard is for Brexit-ish

  2. KnockJohn says:

    Interestingly enough, a very similar letter was sent to all civil servants in Scotland two years ago; officers were also dispatched from Edinburgh to offices throughout Scotland to underline the point, stating that even comment on Facebook and Twitter which could be seen as against the Scottish Government’s position, of Scottish Independence, would result in disciplinary action being taken. Even anonymous Tweeters would be identified and tracked down.

    On that occasion, fortunately, 55% of the electorate who did vote saved Scotland from almost certain oblivion. Hopefully, shortly, a similar result “against the position of the government” will also prevail.

    It would be interesting to know whether similar letters were sent out in 1975.

  3. BLACK PEARL says:

    CAMERONS finished either way this referendum goes, siding with Brussels against his own people
    What a snake

  4. woodsy42 says:

    Of course Cameron is half right. We would indeed be better off in a (very significantly) reformed EU – but he hasn’t reformed it, nor even tried.

  5. TinyCO2 says:

    He’s a nasty git with serious judgement gaps. Even laying aside his bullying, he’s a dreadful negotiator. First he told the EU leaders he had no intention of winning any serious reforms and then asked for even less than they expected. And now he’s going on about how we’ll have to go cap in hand to the EU for trade deals, such that we’ll practically have to offer them our firstborn. He’s also laying it on thick about how the Leave campaign is all about hating the Europeans, and it’s not but they won’t know that. Does the guy know anything? Even if the Remain side win and sadly I fear they will, I hope the Conservative party will punish remain MPs.

    But then he doesn’t need to stay does he, he’s clearly got an EU role in mind.

  6. steverichards1984 says:

    Is Dave a traitor, incompetent or both?

    Full Definition of traitor (Merriam)
    : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty
    : one who commits treason

    Obviously most people would see Dave ticking option 1) he has form making false promises etc
    A pretend renegotiation -asking for very little and getting even less is a betrayal.

    Even today he is quoted (Radio 4 news) as saying that we will get immigration down to 100,000 or less, the day after the numbers announced the arrival of 300k+…..

    Is it never having had a proper job, stupidity, greed or spite that he is adopting this course?

    I do not know.

  7. Tim Hammond says:

    Some dodgy arguments in that letter. the government’s recommendation is that we remin a member of a “reformed EU”. But surely it is clear to everybody surely that the EU is not in any way “reformed.”

    Prior to that, the letter states that the negotiation was for a “new settlement” for the UK, not to reform the EU. So how does a new settlement for the UK become a reformed EU?

    Finally, the government may have a view that the UK is better off in the Eu and the the EU has reformed. Both of those views are opinions. not facts, so how does the Civil Service act impartially and objectively if it# is simply supporting the opinion of government?

  8. Graeme No.3 says:

    Black Pearl is correct. Even a ‘win’ in the referendum will not stabilise his position with half his party against it. A ‘loss’ and he will go even sooner.

  9. ivan says:

    Don’t be surprised if a lot of the civil servants enthusiastically jump on the band wagon. You only have to look at how they gold plate anything that comes from the EU. Where other EU countries dump parts of directives they don’t like, this lot embrace all and try to add to them (EA putting wildlife above people and food security for example).

    As for Call Me Dave, he is the typical hen pecked husband that follows his Greenpeace loving wife’s orders, the sooner he goes the better for the party and the country.

  10. tallbloke says: