#Brexit The Movie Reaches £100k Target

Posted: February 26, 2016 by tallbloke in People power, Politics, solar system dynamics
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We started our campaign to support Martin Durkin’s kickstarter project on Feb 1st and today an increased donation from the generous readers at the Talkshop pushed the total raised to the £100,000 target.


This is a people funded project to finance a project for the people. My heartfelt thanks to all at the Talkshop who have supported and assisted our contribution to making this happen.


I can now reveal that in addition to the total of £825 donated through Kickstarter, The talkshop has been instrumental in raising on ongoing amount in excess of £10,000.

Stephen Wilde has, in addition to the £500 he generously donated via the Talkshop, sponsored the co-producer slot with a further £5,000. We arranged to meet at Martin Durkin’s WAG TV company headquarters in London, where this shot was taken.

A further substantial sum has been donated by the music producer Kim Rose, who contacted me after being made aware of our fundraising project. Kim is the producer of the song which reached #8 in the Amazon music chart some time ago after it was adopted by the Leave.EU campaign as its anthem.


Martin is going to use ‘Let The River Run’ in the movie and Kim, a long time Brexit campaigner, is generously donating proceeds to the ‘Brexit The Movie’ project.

Our campaign has been a huge success. The movie is now well into its production phase, and thanks to Martin’s kindness, six talkshoppers who have donated will  be able to attend the premiere and after-show party in May this year. Let me know whether you can make it to London if you want to be one of them. We will send a Tee-shirt or badge to those who have donated but can’t make the journey. The Talkshop name will also appear on the movie credits!

Well done everyone!




  1. tallbloke says:

    Can I kindly ask ren not to post graphics on this thread.

    Use the open thread here:

    Thanks. 🙂

  2. Excellent news and a million thanks to Stephen Wilde, what a hero!

    It makes my contribution seem so pathetic. But every little helps (so some say) and there is also UKIP and leave.eu which need contributions.

  3. Well done Stephen Wilde and Kim Rose.

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    Can a UK person from the Cameron party please help me and my neighbours to understand how the deal he received reforms the EU.

    It is my local (french) people’s opinion that the EU will collapse within 5 yrs if the UK leave. At a soupé on friday last everyone agreed that the EU will fall.


  5. Stephen Richards says:

    Let me know whether you can make it to London if you want to be one of them. We will send a Tee-shirt or badge to those who have donated but can’t make the journey

    My pensions done for now. Two dons of ~50€ BUT next month will be different

  6. tallbloke says:

    I really hope you can make it so I can thank you in person for your donations. The premiere will be in May I think.

  7. Stephen Richards says:

    tallbloke says:

    February 29, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    I really hope you can make it so I can thank you in person for your donations. The premiere will be in May I think

    Very kind of you but my trips to the UK are rare. I feel terrible to say it but I hate the place. I have lived here longer than I stayed anywhere in the UK and I could not be happier. Unfortunately, I know that will change dramatically in the years to come.

    One of my neighbours at our recent soupé said that a french politician of high reputation has forecast war between France and Germany within the next few years. So while i hate the uk it will be the best place to be IF you exit but only if you exit. When the EU fails, as it seems it must, and you are in the EU, the refugee situation will be beyond horrendous. You will be the only safe place.

    I wish you good luck but fear that the average brit will fall for all the fear in the media and you will stay. If you go the EU will collapse surely.

  8. A C Osborn says:

    Roger, I asume that as part of UKIP and the Leave group that you have some data on the EU economics.
    Cameron is trying to frighten the pants off of the Farmers in the UK over their EU subsidies.
    I assume that as we appear to making a Net Contribution to the EU coffers that we indirectly pay the Farmer’s subsidies.
    Therefore if we left the EU it would be up to Cameron himself to ensure that the cash payments are continued to the Farmers.
    This should be pointed out to the public at large at the soonest possible time.

  9. tallbloke says:

    AC: For sure, UK contributes more to the CAP than it recieves back to distribute to farmers. Making matters worse, we’re not allowed to decide which farmers get what.

    We would of course be better off running our own farm subsidies program, targeted to the areas of UK farming requiring it in the appropriate amounts.

    UKIP has produced an in-depth guide to this which I’ve hand delivered copies of to farms in my area.

  10. A C Osborn says:

    Roger, that is really great, let’s hope others are doing the same in their areas.

  11. Stephen Richards says:

    The EU demand that the farmers and others spend their “gifts” within a predefined period (defined by the EU). If they don’t they take them back.

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