#Brexit campaign day ‘disappeared’ by Press Association

Posted: March 6, 2016 by tallbloke in Big Brother, People power, Politics, solar system dynamics
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Yesterday, around 3,500 Grassroots Out campaigners ran a countrywide action day to get their message out to the public at hundreds of street stalls in town centres across Britain.

The event in my home town Leeds was well supported by local campaigners from across several political parties as well as non-aligned Brexiteers and got a hugely positive response from shoppers in the town centre.


The Press Association, whose stories are syndicated by many news outlets published a story about the #GOactionDay entitled “Brexit backers report 3,500 campaigning in biggest day of action so far”, which was picked up and republished by many titles, including The Daily Mail amongst many others.

They tweeted the story too:

Hours later, the story was replaced with one about Boris Johnson condemning the suspension of the British Chambers of Commerce chief for expressing the heretical view that Britain would have brighter future outside the EU. This left the papers which had syndicated the story in their online editions with a URL which reflects the grassroots campaign, above the  story about Boris’ comments on the BCC chief’s suspension.

The Press Association simply ‘disappeared’ the huge grassroots event and replaced it with a story of a completely different nature.

A couple of online papers, which reset Press Association material were only partly affected by the switch. One of them was the Herald Scotland, which lost the image of Grassroots Out founder Peter Bone MP, but retained the text of the original article.

This raises the question of why the Press Association made this switch, and who is yanking their chain. Could it be that ‘The Establishment’ doesn’t want the British public being made aware that there is a strong grassroots campaign on the ground for Brexit, which is unmatched by any similar public campaign with support for staying in the EU?

Is the press trying to recast the referendum debate as an argument between fractious Tory bigwigs instead of a question about the future of our country to be decided by the people of Britain? Grassroots Out has created a cross party platform and put on well attended events in Manchester, London, Belfast and Kettering. They’ve received hardly a mention by the mainstream media. Does The Press Association really want to be viewed by the public as being as biased and manipulative in its referendum coverage as the BBC?

  1. tallbloke says:

  2. tallbloke says:

    Text of the disappeared article:

    Activists campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union hit the high street in their biggest day of action yet.

    Over 3,500 activists staffed more than 300 street stalls nationwide and handed out leaflets in an effort to bring the Brexit message to local communities, according to the Grassroots Out (GO) campaign.

    Standing in a chilly shopping centre in Croydon, south London, Conservative MP Peter Bone said: “A lot of people think this campaign will be won in television studios – it will not.

    “It is about people standing out here in the rain and in the freezing cold and chatting to people.”

    The MP for Wellingborough said: “It is a people’s movement.”

    The event has been billed by GO as the “biggest ever action day in the history of British referendums” ahead of the EU referendum on June 23.

    Mr Bone, who was campaigning in Belfast on Friday, said the main issues people are asking him about are immigration and the cost of being in the EU, along with British sovereignty.

    Campaigners – some wearing T-shirts with the words “Leave EU. One Size Does not fit All” emblazoned on the back, handed out leaflets to passing shoppers.

    One card, boldly featuring the Union flag, listed different reasons to leave ranging from freedom to make strong trade deals with other nations, to the freedom to deregulate the EU’s costly mass of laws.

    Mr Bone was joined by Tory MP Tom Pursglove, and both suggested that speaking to people face to face was a chance to combat “scaremongering” and any “myths” about what an exit could mean.

    On whether an exit would damage Britain’s ability to trade internationally, Mr Pursglove said: “Let’s face it – I do not see the Germans not wanting to sell us BMWs and Audis just because we are no longer in the Union. I think that is scaremongering.

    “On the day after (the vote) they would be banging on our door saying we want to negotiate an agreement with the British. The quality of the products that we produce is very very high.”

  3. A C Osborn says:

    They will do anything to keep a lid on the out campaign.
    You need to get the story to the Daily Express who are championing the call for out.
    They have some good articles and great comments on there as well.
    This one is quite good but should have been fleshed out with more details, but the comments are great.

    PS did you see A Mar having a go at Boris after giving Cameron a free ride?

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    And folks wonder why Trump, on our side of the pond, is getting the votes… Same basic problem. Tired of unresponsive government run by “entitled” Central Authoritarians and he’s the only one channeling the “rage against the machine”. Our press is attacking him constantly with all manner of smears, but folks are no longer buying it… Something about crying wolf at every puppy and kitten…

    The Press has been pwned by the Central Authorities, both sides of the water (and likely down under too…). So we just flow around them to alternatives… and the quiet storm builds…

    Best of luck on Brexit. Mum was from Liverpool, so lots of my family still there. I’m rooting for y’all.

  5. astroclimateconnection says:

    The media down-under has long been controlled the self-appointed “establishment” who selectively decide what news is worthy of coverage and what is not.

    It took Australia and New Zealand a good decade to recover from the loss of UK markets when the Britain entered the EU back in the 1970’s.

    In the short term, most of us down-under did not appreciate the sudden switch of the UK away from the Commonwealth towards Europe, however, we understood that your trading future was probably tied to the Continent. In the long run, it forced us Antipodeans to diversify to Asian and American markets and we have never looked back.

    One thing we learned from Britain’s decision to ditch the Commonwealth is that we could achieve access to alternative emerging markets through the use of negotiated unilateral and multi-lateral free trade agreements. As a result, both Australia and NZ have slowly built up these free-trading arrangements over the last 30 to 40 years.

    I hope that you are able to achieve your Brexit if for no other reason than to regain your own democratic sovereignty. The right of the British people to govern their own future is far more important than the temporary loss of trading partners. If the experience of Australia and NZ is anything to go by – the ingenuity of the people in the U.K. will ensure that the trading links with Europe and the rest of the World will be fully re-establish in a couple of years.