Britain’s spurious leaders intend to commit UK to a dark and cold future.

Posted: March 14, 2016 by tallbloke in Accountability, government, greenblob, solar system dynamics


From the Grauniad

The UK will enshrine in law a long-term goal of reducing its carbon emissions to zero, as called for in last year’s historic Paris climate deal.

Responding to former Labour leader Ed Miliband’s call to put the target into law, energy minister Andrea Leadsom told parliament on Monday: “The government believes that we will need to take the step of enshrining the Paris goal for net zero emissions in UK law. The question is not whether but how we do it.”

The UK is already legally bound by the Climate Change Act to reduce emissions 80% by 2050, but a law mandating a 100% cut would mark a dramatic increase in ambition. The final 20% is seen as the most difficult to cut, as it would have to come from sectors such as farming, which are not as easy to decarbonise as power plants.

Miliband, who played a key role in legislating the Climate Change Act and who called for zero emissions to be enshrined in law ahead of the Paris climate summit in December, welcomed Leadsom’s comments.

“It is the right thing to do because the science demands it, it makes economic sense and will build momentum in the fight against climate change,” said Miliband, who had tabled an amendment on zero emissions to the energy bill that won cross-party backing.

“It is essential we build on the success of the Paris agreement and do not squander it, and I hope other countries will now follow the example of the UK.”

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  1. tallbloke says:

    Start with Brexit in June, and then vote these cack-useless fools out in 2020.

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    The science demands it????
    Power stations amount to 80% of emissions????

    Well in that case I suggest the first move is to insist that all government vehicles used by MP’s (including Ministers) should be electric, and powered ONLY by renewable energy. That might bring reality back to the negotiations – although given the people involved it may be too late.

  3. Don Keiller says:

    Stark, staring bonkers.
    Leadsom is certifiably insane- as are any who support this madness.

  4. wolsten says:

    Usually these stories come out on April 1st….

  5. ivan says:

    Someone has not thought this through because it means there will be no electricity except for what little the odd remaining nuclear plant produces – can’t use windmills because there will be no power to turn the blades when there is no wind, diesel STORE generators are out, solar power will be degraded because there is no power to keep the equipment running to keep the panels clean.

    Hospitals will have to close through lack of electricity to keep the equipment running. No heating in winter, not even gas because there will be no power to run the pumps.

    This idea is typical of the under educated PPE graduates that make up parliament today. If they all pooled their brain cells we might get an IQ up to double digits, note I said might.

    The sooner this lot are voted out the better and we also need to sit on the green blob to stop it raising its ugly head.

  6. BoyfromTottenham says:

    Hi from Oz. This sort of insanity makes me very glad that my dad had the sense to take his family to Australia in the 1960’s, courtesy of the Australian government’s ‘Ten Pound pom’ scheme. Our federal government isn’t perfect, but at least there are enough sane MPs and Senators here to make it possible to abolish our ‘Carbon Tax’, and for two state governments to have started winding back punishing domestic solar rebates before they send them broke. Is there something in the water in Britain that turns the average voter’s brain to mush, or is it just the pollies, senior public servants and journos that are off with the fairies? Best of luck!

  7. Fanakapan says:

    Obviously ‘Zero’ carbon emissions, this side of a Roddenberry future, is an Impossibility.

    But you have to consider the political aspect. To suddenly do a volte face would not sit well with quite a few not necessarily stupid people. Have a care for these folks, who may not have the inclination to spend the time loading up with enough information to reach an ‘Informed’ opinion, for its for certain that any government will. Labour and the Liberals will attempt to show up the Tory’s on this issue simply to score points, they know that the aim of zero emissions is a nonsense, but that’ll not stop them from making it look as if they have the moral high ground.

    So its very much slow speed ahead on this issue for a while, and as the G have had a bit of a caning of late over the measures that they have taken to deflate the Warmist balloon, its entirely likely that they will have to appear to be believers for a while before taking another bite.

    As for the upcoming plebiscite, it would be unwise to imagine that an Out vote will have the effect of changing anything at all in a short space of time. Whilst we all here would cheer if the warming boondoggle were to be scrapped tomorrow, you need to consider the vast bulk of Middle England, many of whom have quite innocently accepted what they were told by the ‘Experts’. Much like the proverbial supertanker, it will take time to turn their opinions around whilst not bruising their ego’s and possibly bolting them into ill considered reactions in the voting booth 🙂

  8. Stephen Richards says:

    By 2050 there will be no remaining nuclear plants unless you are paying 10times your current rate, MINIMUM.
    Transport will stop. All electric cars only so no journeys longer than 100kms and then only in cars the size of heinz bean cans.
    This lunacy will bring down many governments, I hope.

  9. AlecM says:

    The woman is an idiot. Zero CO2 emissions mean that she would have to order the State to kill all humans and animals, including the fish in territorial waters.

    No doubt her last task will be to take her personal suicide pill whence she can die with a smile on her face: job done.

  10. Bryan says:

    I watched the debate on BBC Parliament Channel yesterday.

    John Redwood MP made a great speech that left the warmist MP’s looking rather sheepish.

    I don’t know if its possible to watch a rerun but if it is don’t miss it.

  11. “It is the right thing to do because the science demands it, it makes economic sense and will build momentum in the fight against climate change,” said Miliband,

    I weep for my countrymen who are led by such idiots. The USA, China, Russia and India have economies based primarily on fossil fuels so for the UK to “zero” its carbon emissions is an empty gesture that will severely damage your economy.

  12. p.g.sharrow says:

    In 1516 Thomas More published “Utopia”, a book about a wonderful society on a fictional Island that became the vision of the British Educated Elite for a progressive socialist society. This is the foundation of Cancer that permeates all of the educated world. A Religious order that is as nefarious as any created by mankind.

    Nostradamus said that during this era the “Philosophy of More” would burn it’s self out and “be thoroughly discredited”
    Things will have to get very bad to break the hold of liberal socialism on the imagination of the Educated Elite and their attempt to force the creation of “The New Man” and the Paradise of their Socialist System.

    WE live in interesting times…pg

  13. roger says:

    I had noticed in the past few weeks or so, the momentary re-emergence of the arch idiot Ed, actually blinking in the light that had not penetrated the funk hole he had made his home for the past twelve months.
    Whatever makes him think that he has, or ever had, anything useful to contribute to the British people?

  14. A C Osborn says:

    I really & truly can’t get my head around what these people are doing & saying.
    Are they really that stupid and naive that they believe the utter rubbish they sprout?
    Have we been invaded by Aliens that have brainwashed them?
    Do they work for some foreign power that is trying to destroy Britain?
    Are they working for the UN and trying to enforce Agenda 21?
    Is it just about the “money”?

    I just don’t get it.

  15. BLACK PEARL says:

    A C Osborn

    Your not the only one
    If we dont Brexit with Boris failing a military take over were stuffed

  16. ntesdorf says:

    From Tim Blair’s The Telegraph Blog: After the Trans Bass Strait Cable was disrupted:

    “Tasmania isn’t getting into the Earth Hour spirit.

    An extraordinary industrial event occurred in Tasmania at the weekend. Diesel generators, hastily rushed across Bass Strait at a cost of $44 million, rumbled into action to keep the lights on.

    This week, the generators operating since Friday at Catagunya Power Station will ramp up production from 9MW to 24MW, leaving the public wondering: just how does a state in 21st century Australia run out of power?

    Strictly speaking, Tasmania is not a “state in 21st century Australia”. It’s a state living off 21st century Australia. “

  17. Fast says:

    Well despite the long-term goal or maybe to spite it:
    “The U.K. government has abolished the petroleum revenue tax, the levy charged on oil and gas profits, to kick-start the country’s beleaguered hydrocarbon industry the U.K.Treasury chief, George Osborne, announced in his 2016 budget.

    Mr. Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, said that as well as getting rid of the PRT, which previously stood at 35%, he was also cutting a supplementary charge levied on oil and gas profits from 20% to 10%.”

    Money talks and the environmental goal, what’s that?.