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The Moray Mint cuts to the dark heart of the matter. Our political class are deceiving us and her majesty’s opposition are absent, or suppressed.

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Juncker Lie-1Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

Post # 1-of-4 on the subject of the UK’s EU Referendum: how will you decide which way to vote?         A Punter’s Guide.

Who Speaks for You?

Hello and welcome to Moraymint Chatter.  I’m assuming you’re here because you saw the notice I placed in The Northern Scot newspaper this week.  In any case, thanks for looking in.  As my Northern Scot notice implies, democracy in Moray has gone a bit pear shaped when it comes to the debate about whether the UK should ‘Remain’ in the European Union, or ‘Leave’ the Union.  The political class in Moray in particular, and in Scotland as a whole – the Scottish Nationalists, the Tories, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, The Green Party – have all decided to coalesce around a predetermined view: the UK will be better off remaining in the…

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  1. hunter says:

    Best wishes in over turning the oligarchy.