@BrexitTheMovie goes online despite censorship efforts

Posted: May 13, 2016 by tallbloke in censorship, EU Referendum, History, People power, Politics, solar system dynamics

The full version of Brexit The Movie is now available on Vimeo. Google took it down from Youtube citing copyright infringement. Establishment forces are still trying to prevent the truth about the EU getting out there.


The premiere was a superb occasion. with many top Brexiteers in attendance. At the aftershow party I got the chance to chat with several including Nigel Farage MEP, Lord Matt Ridley, Dan Hannan MEP, David Davis MP, Steven Woolfe MEP, Suzanne Evans, James Delingpole and of course, Martin Durkin. Pics below the break.

I’ve had to make additions to the credits in post pro. I did ask for a mention for Talkshop contributors but it must have got lost somewhere. Sorry everyone.



Josh and  Liz joined Kath and me for the occasion



Nigel Farage got a huge cheer as he arrived



Nigel heading up the Royal dress circle towards us


And taking his seat right in front of us.

  1. I really wish I could have been there.

  2. Joe Public says:

    A great effort by all involved. Thanks.

  3. Scute says:

    I watched it. A really thoughtful and professional production.

  4. Wayne Job says:

    Being from OZ we here like nothing better than taking the micky out of you lot over there. This time we are on your side to escape from the clutches of the unelected rule making idiots of the EU.

    Go for it with all you got or 20 years from now England will have ceased to exist overburdened with rules and over run by hordes of strangers with nothing in common with your heritage. Wayne

  5. Frank White says:

    Is there anyone who can make the film available by torrent?

  6. 8364khz says:

    Well done, all involved. Nice to see Roger’s donors in the credits too.

  7. BLACK PEARL says:

    Its on YouTube as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTMxfAkxfQ0&feature=youtu.be

    Been distributing the link to all and sundry plus handing out print outs of the web address, but there are some ‘intolerant’ individuals out there.

    A very well presented doc that should be shown on the goggle box, just like the BBC ‘prepared’ reports of late.

  8. Gibo says:

    Great work, I hope all goes to plan. When the dust has settled how about getting the same video team to take a look at the other world power .. the UN

  9. Lörbengt from Finland says:

    This union is destroying all nations. Look at all problems it have made! Lot of civilian wars will come in few years because of millions of asylum seekers.