Full DC appeals court to decide on Obama carbon-cutting plan

Posted: May 17, 2016 by oldbrew in climate, government, Legal

District of Columbia Court of Appeals Seal [credit: Wikipedia]

District of Columbia Court of Appeals Seal [credit: Wikipedia]

How a court is supposed to figure out what is just or unjust in climate matters is an interesting question, but it’s going to happen anyway as Yahoo News reports. There will probably be a new US president before all the legal battles are over.

MICHAEL BIESECKER May 17, 2016 WASHINGTON (AP) — The full appeals court in Washington will hear arguments in the legal fight over President Barack Obama’s plan to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, potentially accelerating the case’s path to the Supreme Court.

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued an order Monday scheduling oral arguments on the legality of the Clean Power Plan for September 27.

A three-judge panel had been scheduled to hear the case June 2, but whichever side lost was considered likely to seek a review by the full appeals court.

By using its discretion to skip a step, the appeals judges are potentially shaving months off the time before the case could be heard by the high court. It is rare for an appeals court to hold such an “en banc” review prior to the smaller panel’s decision, but procedural rules allow it when the case at issue “involves a question of exceptional importance.”

About two dozen mostly GOP-led states sued the Environmental Protection Agency over the new carbon-cutting regulations, which aim to slow climate change by reducing power-plant emissions by one-third by 2030. More than 100 conservative advocacy groups, electric utilities and coal mining companies have also filed suit.

If the Clean Power Plan were to be struck down in court, it would become more difficult for the United States to meet its goals for cutting carbon emissions under the landmark international climate treaty signed in Paris at the end of last year.

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  1. oldbrew says:

    They expect to ‘slow climate change by reducing power-plant emissions by one-third by 2030’?

    This is dreamland not reality.

  2. hunter says:

    While in a different scope, the harassment lawsuit by Mann & gang to silence free speech is still hung up in DC local courts.
    Justice delayed is justice denied.

  3. oldbrew says:

    ‘Obama Violates the Law to Push his Climate Obsession’

    ‘More recently, contrary to the law, the U.S. State Department announced it had delivered $500 million to the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund (GCF), a program intended to bribe the leaders of developing countries not to use fossil fuels.

    Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee were outraged by this announcement, since Congress had not approved funding for GCF.’

    When is the law not the law?