James Marusek’s Little Ice Age Theory

Posted: June 3, 2016 by oldbrew in Clouds, Solar physics, Temperature, wind
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James Marusek’s paper says: I propose two mechanisms primarily responsible for Little Ice Age climatic conditions. These two components are Cloud Theory and Wind Theory.

Thanks to Paul Homewood for bringing this to our attention.

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By Paul Homewood


James Marusek has sent me his latest paper, Little Ice Age Theory.

Excerpts below:


The sun is undergoing a state change. It is possible that we may be at the cusp of the next Little Ice Age. For several centuries the relationship between periods of quiet sun and a prolonged brutal cold climate on Earth (referred to as Little Ice Ages) have been recognized. But the exact mechanisms behind this relationship have remained a mystery. We exist in an age of scientific enlightenment, equipped with modern tools to measure subtle changes with great precision. Therefore it is important to try and come to grips with these natural climatic drivers and mold the evolution of theories that describe the mechanisms behind Little Ice Ages.

The sun changes over time. There are decadal periods when the sun is very active magnetically, producing many sunspots. These periods are referred…

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  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Posted this comment one the link, but think it ought to be here, too, since your site sent me there 🙂

    OK, read the paper.

    Good collection of history, and nice summary of atmospheric operation. I think they layer too much causality on one effect, ice crystals. Sure, they matter. Nice new idea to me.

    But many other things also matter. Lunar tidal slowing of the Gulf Stream being a big one. (Why while Europe froze, they list 2 giant hurricanes in the Caribbean. .. hurricanes need warm water. As the Gulf Stream flow slows, Europe freezes and Florida stays warm.

    Also Stephen Wilde covers the mechanism of meridional flow formation with better causality attribution.

    I also found some of the causality on minor things a bit backward, like the polar vortex causing the the air flow to the poles when in fact it is the flow of the air that forms the vortex (it doesn’t just pop up from nothing). Hot equators and cold poles make more air flow makes strong vortex makes cold air outflows makes frozen winters makes… Things need a start, a causality chain, and a logical result. Two points do not make a causality chain… But nothing too bad.

    Overall, a nice paper, but a bit to focused on just one idea.

  2. jim says:

    I will agree, he is one factoring. There are more causes, I believe one of the primary factors, is the cause effect blame, one of the doctorate papers was on steadystate, that we are in a constant ice age , and due to rotational biases, forcing the ice to the north/south pole regions, not taking into account non steady output from the sun. The same with this paper, but interestingly, they are adding in variable, and discounting the obvious.