The Sun comes out for #Brexit

Posted: June 13, 2016 by tallbloke in Accountability, EU Referendum, Politics, predictions, Solar physics

The first UK newspaper to commit to a position on the EU referendum, The Sun, backs Brexit. With the opinion polls moving in that direction, and the odds shortening by the day, the mood of the country is palpably changing. I’m working long days to help make this happen. I want my country back.


No doubt after a win for our campaign, we’ll be told by the editor “It woz the Sun wot won it”. I did enjoy Kelvin Mackenzie’s contribution to Brexit the movie though.

  1. tallbloke says:

  2. tallbloke says:

    The TV debate I took part in last Thursday is now available on catchup.

  3. Sparks says:

    You’ll be told to vote again even if the vote is to leave, which it wont be. just saying!

  4. Richard111 says:

    The Daily Mail has been firmly Brexit since day one.

  5. Kelvin Mackenzie – the great raspberry blower. I love it!

  6. TinyCO2 says:

    I suspect we need rain on the 23rd, not sun to aid the Brexit vote.

    The polls are interesting but I think it’s too close to tell which way the vote will go. Sadly a lot will vote for the devil they know at the last minute. Or maybe they’ll just not bother to vote at all. I’m just hoping the EU will do something monumentally stupid before the day.

  7. michael hart says:

    “I’m just hoping the EU will do something monumentally stupid before the day.”

    UEFA may do it for them. After English fans were attacked by Russians at the European Cup, UEFA has threatened to expel both national teams from the tournament if there is any more trouble.

    That has to be one of the biggest political hostage-to-fortune mistakes that I have seen in my lifetime.

  8. A C Osborn says:

    Roger, the Leave campaign MUST come out and tell all the Farmers that Cameron or whoever is in power will be held to account to ensure that their Farming Subsidies will be maintained after Brexit, similar to that given to Wales this morning.
    Cameron and co should be pushed to explain why they will not guarantee it themselves.

  9. tallbloke says:

    ACO: Leave has already said that, repeatedly.

    More positive noises from around the county today. I delivered boxes of leaflets and other stuff to Wakefield, Sheffield, Barnsley, Pontefract and Doncaster. All my organisers say they are sure of a majority in their areas.

  10. TinyCO2 says:

    The markets are having kittens at the idea we might actually do a runner. Germany is starting to realise that it might be stuck with the bill.

  11. tallbloke says:

    Excellent 15 minute video from Toby Young of the Speccie

  12. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Tiny, you have nailed it. The EU Communists are in great fear that the British will escape their control and begin the collapse of their house of cards. A run for the exits has begun, Who will be stuck with the bill when the song ends?

    This philosophy of Thomas More will end when it has lost all creditably with the people.

    Time for the Anglo Empire to reassert it’s superiority of governance by consent to all the others…pg

  13. catweazle666 says:

    “I’m just hoping the EU will do something monumentally stupid before the day.”

    How about a personal intervention from Juncker himself?

    If that doesn’t swing it, nothing will!

    Juncker only managed to convince Cameron to give him a small loophole: If Brexit supporters have a clear lead in polls in the week prior to the June 23 referendum, the Commission president will be allowed to make his voice heard. That, of course, would be too late to significantly shift public opinion, but it would mean that Juncker could not be accused of having done nothing to prevent a Brexit. Under no circumstances does Juncker want to go down in history as the first Commission president to preside over a member state departing the EU.

  14. tallbloke says:

    Tony Heller (Steve Goddard) has dropped by to spend the night. He’s impressed with Riggwelter. The Glengoyne is a fine accompaniment too. Chatting freely about many topics.

  15. Poly says:

    The betting and prediction markets are showing some momentum for “leave” at last.
    From mid 30% probability last week to low 40% probability now.
    Still a way to go but I think a “leave” win is possible now.

  16. TinyCO2 says:

    catweazle666, yep he might swing it. He can barely hide how much he hates the British. He’s so out of touch with British sentiment he might well say something he thinks will help his cause but will have the opposite effect.

  17. Paul Vaughan says:

    It’s The Sun !

    Brexit can lead to stellar correction of the lost European imagination.

    Major geopolitical realignment (e.g. early 1800s, WWI, WWII, birth of EU) has occurred at every major kink in the solar cycle deceleration (SCD) record: (EOF4)

    The EU appears to be doing nothing PROactive to prepare Europe for the next multidecadal kink. Since Europe plays a crucial role in global stability, this is a concerning and unacceptable lapse (outside onlooker’s perspective on neglectful European role in maintenance of global stability).

    Since there has been no proactive preparation from the EU center, there will have to be REactive defense of global stability initially from a periphery.

    Britain freed of EU chains will be agile, flexible, and able to play a leading role in the reactive maintenance of global stability. From the seeds of this globally stabilizing exit can be born the political architecture of next generation Europe.

    The old EU will be eroded by its failure and/or inability to prepare for natural change proactively (old brittle oversized tree in a wind storm). Be-LEAVE-ing former members will join new sunlit arrays. Renewal is natural. Leaves fall off. Nutrients go back into the soil. The next generation brings renewed structural stability (needed for photosynthesis).

    “Time for the Anglo Empire to reassert it’s superiority of governance by consent to all the others…pg”

    For sure there’s opportunity for a powerful future trading block to dominate supremely via “governance by consent”. It can be born from Brexit, but referring to it as “Anglo Empire” won’t work. For example it has to include Chinese citizens and diaspora (1/5 of humanity, NOT to be confused with the government of China).

    Seeding the next generation of global institutions via Brexit (or Nexit, Frexit, Swexit …or whatever) is key to next generation global structural stability. The EU has exceeded harmony with nature with overgrown (naturally unsupportable) structure.

    On the sunlit natural multidecadal wave of geopolitical realignment, a few years won’t necessarily trigger capsize. If things don’t work out this round, maybe next time. Whoever goes first (Britain or some other alert collection of European citizens) leads next generation global stabilization.

    With eyes and mind open, be-leave in observed renewal of sunlit structure
    …or cling like an old leif in darkness to eu decay.

    Bon Courage

    We’re counting on you to seed the structural renewal needed to maintain next generation global stability.

    You’re well-positioned to boldly, bravely, and brilliantly be-leave. If you don’t get it right this time, try again. Eventually young leaves will have a sunlit tree, following collapse of a brittle old shading regime.

  18. Richard111 says:

    Was about to order my T-shirt with the message ‘Welcome to the GULAG’, but will leave it for a while. Don’t want to waste any money.

  19. Paul Vaughan says:

    A reminder to EU bureaucrats that your assignment is now almost 1 year overdue: (June 15, 2016 at 7:36 am)

  20. TinyCO2 says:

    Osbourne and Cameron have gone full Ratner on the country. Fingers crossed that there’s a big blowback on Osbourne’s latest pile of…

    Even Remainers must be beginning to feel a little sick.

  21. TinyCO2 says:

    I’m not sure if the Leave campaign could have paid for better press than the stunt Geldof put on today.

    A bunch of elites harassing a brave little fishing fleet. Are they unhinged?

  22. catweazle666 says:

    I see the odious Geldof and his vile sleb mates have made themselves look total scumbags – again.

  23. tallbloke says:

  24. Steve C says:

    Keep up the good work, TB, and thanks. I shall be out on the day hoping to put the excellent Roger Helmer out of a job!

    But we must not only not relax before the 23rd, we mustn’t relax afterwards, even if all goes well. The same scumbags will be running the show, with the same overinflated culture of entitlement, so the work will not be over. It should be an interesting few weeks (or so this master of understatement reckons ;-D ).

  25. Steve C says:

    And while I was writing that, this terrible business of Jo Cox being shot dead by a gunman, allegedly shouting “Britain First!”, appears.

    And within minutes the leader of an organisation of that name is quoted in the Telegraph as saying “Jo Cox is obviously an MP campaigning to keep Britain in the EU so if it was shouted by the attacker it could have been a slogan …”

    Wow. Don’t waste any time spreading the smears, guys.

  26. oldbrew says:

    Breitbart report:
    European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is reported to be in an “EU Depressed” mood following the failure of the continent’s migration policy, and a potential break-up of the European Union under his tenure following a Brexit vote according to Brussels insiders.

    The news comes as rumours circulate that Mr. Juncker is due to make a major intervention in the EU referendum debate in Britain next week.

    The Sun headline writers will be salivating already…’stick it up yer Juncker’ perhaps??

  27. dscott says:

    Tallbloke, for us foreigners, could you give a brief bullet point 5 reasons why Britain should leave the EU? As you may know, the media filters the news to what they think we should know. When I watch BBC America, the snooty commentators would rather not talk about the issue other than indicating their disdain to have to mention the subject at all.

  28. oldbrew says:

    Meet the new bogeymen – according to climate alarmists: the ‘Brexit Climate Deniers’

  29. p.g.sharrow says:

    @oldbrew; EMSmith points out that it appears to him that, those that create real things tend to be “Deniers” as well. I’d say, good company to be in. 😉

    Liberal Progressives and Ecoloons tend to be wishful thinkers and live off of the wealth created by others. These people have no use for realists or their opinions…pg

  30. tallbloke says:


    OB: Gavin Schmidt is at it here:

    PG: It’s noticeable that the innovators and astute investors are for leaving. E.g. James Dyson, Peter Hargreaves.
    Fortune favours the brave as they say.

  31. tallbloke says:

    The Knobs who say ‘NI’