Tallbloke on the telly: In the Netherlands

Posted: June 21, 2016 by tallbloke in bbcbias, EU Referendum, media, People power, Politics

The BBC and Sky aren’t very interested in the ground campaign, probably because the Remainiacs don’t seem to have much of one. But Dutch TV presenter Eva Wiessing contacted me through twitter on Sunday (before Twitter locked me out of my account earlier today), and asked to come and film us in action.

I met the film crew on the ring road where we we knocking in some signs. Then they met up with me at the North Yorks County Show, where I ran a guerrilla operation for 90 minutes until told to pack up by the landowner.

Owen Paterson was supposed to be there, but I never saw him. Maybe he saw me first and knew I’d take him to task for nicking UKIP’s energy policy and then saying we didn’t have any ideas.

I met up with the Dutch crew again in the evening for a drink and we chatted about a lot of subjects. The Dutch have the same concerns we do about the abuse of science by politics it seems. Eva’s pro EU, but gave me a fair crack in this piece.

  1. tallbloke says:

    If anyone can translate for me, I’ll add subtitles.

  2. oldbrew says:

    TB: amended options to allow comments.

  3. tallbloke says:

    Thanks mate, had to redact the post while I uploaded the full version of the video. Don’t know why it disallowed comments.

  4. J Martin says:

    Probably the best delivered argument for leaving the EU is this from Dan Hannan MEP.

  5. Sparks says:

    Get off my larnd with your views ffs

  6. tallbloke says:

    Sparks: ROFL. He was very polite about it. His show secretary less so when he came over 10 mins later as I was chatting with another journalist.

    Letter in today’s Guardian:

    We urge the Labour movement to come together, stand up for the rights and future of UK workers, and vote leave in the EU referendum on 23 June. A vote to leave is a chance to stop the following regressive policies:

    • Privatisation, and the ban on renationalisation, which hands over our public services to private interests

    • The ban on state aid and renationalisation as a policy response to the further destruction of British industry and manufacturing

    • The EU’s elimination of collective bargaining agreements in the name of competitiveness

    • The deregulation of employment contracts and the promotion of zero-hours contracts

    Sign up to our EU referendum morning briefing
    Read more
    • The anti-strike and anti-trade-union policy, which is being used to drive down the cost of labour

    • Austerity, which is a foundation stone of the EU, and has led to the slow, creeping destruction of pensions, education, social housing, the NHS and every local public service, as well as strangling local government, further adding to poverty and social inequality

    • The policy referred to as “fiscal responsibility”, which aims to co-opt labour organisations into the process of applying austerity policies

    • The dangerous TTIP trade deal, which is a Trojan horse for US big business, and if enacted will lead to the destruction of our NHS.

    We appeal to all left-leaning and Labour voters to rally together, stand up for our rights and vote leave on 23 June.
    Kelvin Hopkins MP Labour, Luton North
    Kate Hoey MP Labour, Vauxhall
    Graham Stringer MP Labour, Blackley and Broughton
    Roger Godsiff MP Labour, Birmingham Hall Green
    Elaine Smith MSP Labour, Central Scotland
    Ronnie Draper General secretary, BFAWU
    Tosh McDonald National president, ASLEF
    Arthur Scargill Former president, NUM
    Steve Hedley Assistant general secretary, RMT
    Gawain Little National executive, NUT
    Alan Gibson National executive, NUJ
    Mandy Brown National executive, UCU
    Karen Reissmann National executive, Unison
    Paul Williams National executive, PCS
    John Sweeney Ucatt
    Len Hockey Unite
    Tam Dewar CWU
    Val Guiraud NASUWT
    Doug Nicolls Chair, Trade Unions Against the EU
    Brendan Chilton General secretary, Labour Leave

  7. monkeyflat says:

    If I were a UK voter, I’d be a bit suspicious of all the heavyweights being wheeled out in opposition to leaving. George Soros and Janet Yellen are getting all the coverage in my local news here in Oz.
    Apparently it will be a total disaster!
    From the outside it looks like a no brainer to leave, apart from for those who are doing well out of exploiting cheap labour from eastern Europe and whatever other wrinkles there are to be exploited.
    The more local government is, the more chance you have of changing what you don’t like. That’s an absolute principle, and is what would guide me if I was to have a say in a similar context.

  8. Chaeremon says:

    The proverbial man in the street has never been better informed about €U troughs and their taxpayers drones, as by the BR€xit and b€Leave campaigns and their supporters.

    T H A N K – Y O U ! crossing fingers here on the continent.

  9. tallbloke says:

    Campaign winning tweet from Liz Hurley

  10. p.g.sharrow says:

    Good looking pillow Elizabeth. Nice shoes as well… 😎 …pg

  11. It appears the Queen does not like the EU and would prefer BREXIT. It seems she may have had a word to Charlie to make some comment in favour of democracy and BREXIT. As an Australian (having spent a few years in primary school at Maidenhead on Thames- I think St Margret’s still exists) I suggest that all the remains are lying about the economics of leaving. Britain will be far better off – just look at the performance of Singapore, & New Zealand which are small islands far from so-called major economies and Australia, a big island which has is supplying goods and services to the whole world. Britain does not need the EU and will be become more prosperous serving the whole world under their own laws.

  12. Sparks says:

    Rog, if anyone ever deservered a victory it is you, you worked so hard and you’re a really nice bloke! Now that sensable heads have prevaled and you have battles to fight ahead in your quest for freedom and liberty, remember to be modest, reasonable and let that caring soul inside kick ass… I’ll be watching. Well done mate 🙂