BREAKING: DNA results prove so-called polar bear hybrid was a blonde grizzly

Posted: June 22, 2016 by oldbrew in alarmism, propaganda, Psychobabble
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Yet another polar bear alarm bites the dust.


All the hubris last month about polar bear x grizzly hybrids, based on an unusual-looking bear killed near Arviat, has turned out to be wishful thinking by those who’d like to blame everything to do with polar bears on climate change. An awful lot of “experts” now have egg on their faces. That “hybrid” was just a blonde grizzly, as I warned it might.

grizzly-polar-bear-hybrid_Arviat 2016 Didji Ishalook

According to one report,Nunavut wildlife manager Mathieu Dumond said:

“Some otherwise pretty renown bear biologists jumped on the hybrid bear story without even knowing what they were talking about,” Dumond said.

“I think it was something blown out of proportion, with the wrong information to start.”

Gee, ya think? CBC ran a story too. But the CBC don’t really admit (see below) that they were the first out of the gate on this story and started the media madness. It was the CBC that relied…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    CBC eats humble pie:

    ‘UPDATE: DNA analysis has since confirmed bear was not, in fact, a polar-grizzly mix. It was a blond grizzly.’

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    UPDATE: CBC finds Kardashian Polar Bear!

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Poly bears and brown bears do hybridize as they are almost the same. They have been separate species only recently, in genetic terms. Crossing just means two like minded bears found each other… the big mistake was attributing anything beyond that. (The “species barrier” is more accurately “the species strong suggestion”, and many interspecies fertile hybrids exist. Humans likely started as one.)

    Since they share almost all of their DNA and have had crosses forever (started as the same species, still have introgression today) it will be a bit of a fools errand to say exactly what species any given gene belongs to. So call it a blond brown bear? Sure, go ahead. Or maybe 4000 years ago that gene crossed in from Polar bears and this is a 0.00001% “cross”. It doesn’t really matter. They cross. It means nothing. Species have natural variation too. It also means nothing.

    Almost all canid species will cross, many in the wild (wolf, dog, coyote, fox all cross). Bears are close cousins to dogs.

    Sheep and goats cross (with different chromosome counts).

    Mules can be fertile (horse father x mule mother) and I’ve seen one with her colt.

    there are dozens more. (lion x tiger, leopard x and many more cats)

    So ok, great they have “proven” it is a blond brown bear. Yet were it a hybrid it would still mean nothing.

  4. Doonhamer says:

    Pity they had to kill it to prove it.

  5. Brett Keane says:

    There are various circumstances that can cause speciation. Allopatricism is one, separation that is. In a cyclic but comparitively recent phenomenon such as Glaciation, the separation can be variable and incomplete. Thus speciation can be incomplete too.
    Experts insisting on drawing excessive conclusions either way are heading for a fall. They can get too narrowly focused and sure of themselves.
    The non-biological field of astronomy also comes to mind, where they tampered with our definition of our planetary system re Pluto. The term ‘planet’ means ‘wanderer’, not referring to size. And as noted above, bears are plastic or genetically-nimble species. They have to be, where they live in the climatic margins. Brett