Brexit: Paris climate agreement will have to be rewritten 

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Britain will have to negotiate its own climate agreement after quitting the EU, the GWPF reports. This could be interesting if – as seems likely – climate sceptics are prominent in the new UK leadership.

Top UN climate change official Christiana Figueres said Britain’s decision to leave the EU meant the Paris agreement would need to be redrawn. This could delay EU ratifi­cation of the deal, which is already under pressure because India and Russia have said they were ­unlikely to sign this year.

Unless the Paris agreement is ratified this year by countries representing more than 55 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, it will be vulnerable to being scrapped completely by a future Donald Trump presidency in the US.

[…]Green groups are concerned the Brexit result will sap moment­um from the global climate change response and have linked the successful Leave campaign to high-profile climate sceptics such as Margaret Thatcher’s former treasurer Nigel Lawson.

Lead Brexit campaigner and potential future British prime minister Boris Johnson has also been portrayed as a climate sceptic after dismissing warmer-than-usual summer temperatures as being linked to climate change.

Global Warming Policy Foundation director Benny Peiser said the decision by the British people to leave the EU would have ­significant and long-term impli­cations for energy and climate polic­ies. Carbon prices in the EU’s emissions trading market plunged 17 per cent in the wake of the Brexit referendum result.

“It is highly unlikely that the party-political green consensus that has existed in parliament for the last 10 years will survive the seismic changes that are now ­unfolding after Britain’s independence day,” Dr Peiser said. “Perhaps the most important aspect of the EU referendum has been the astonishing self-determination and scepticism of the British people in face of an unprecedented fear campaign.”

France became the first major industrialised nation to ratify the Paris agreement, on June 15, but the EU cannot officially join until all 28 member states have agreed to do so. The exit of Britain from the EU means the EU agreement will need to be changed and Britain will have to negotiate its own agreement.

Source: Brexit: Paris Climate Agreement Will Have To Be Rewritten | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

[Original report by Graham Lloyd in The Australian]

  1. Adam Gallon says:

    Sighs of relief all round?
    Gives our neighbours their excuse to carry on doing nothing, gives them yet another “reason” to blame Perfidious Albion and another all-expenses paid jamboree!
    I wonder which city will be graced by them & their executive jets’ presence?

  2. Here in Scotland our ranting raving lunatic “government” … well I’m not sure what idiotic non-sense they are spouting today but the banana republic of green=gullible energy is spitting blood, they are so furious that England has …. has … demanded the right to split from a union it did not like.

    Of course, all the SNP plans of a (non)Oil powered economy based on exporting wind “power” to England are collapsing. So obviously the SNP (who have no support from the public for it) are steaming full speed ahead … one course they are steering is to “veto” Brexit the other is for them to join the EU (without ever asking us in Scotland about it mind you!)

    The great irony is this – Britain can veto Scotland joining the EU (until we leave) but Scotland cannot veto Brexit. So, in one fell swoop, the SNP have not only gone down a path leading nowhere – but they have morally justified the UK vetoing Scotland’s supposed “fast track” membership of the EU.

    They were just really GREEN – as in gormless, shooting from the hip, yapping off to the press without ever really thinking about it, and having absolutely no idea what their plan was or how they would fund it.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Re SNP and the EU: marry in haste, repent at leisure.

    They say circumstances have changed. Correct: North Sea oil is worth far less than when they called their own referendum in 2014.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Somebody voted 33,000 times in the petition to have another EU referendum – while taking a shower.

    ‘EU referendum petition hijacked by bots’

  5. mikerestin says:

    “Unless the Paris agreement is ratified this year by countries representing more than 55 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, it will be vulnerable to being scrapped completely by a future Donald Trump presidency in the US.”
    And the problem with that is what?

  6. Paul Vaughan says:

    “Clexit or climate-exit

    The main reason for the success of the Brexit is probably the world’s strangeness of the eurocracy.
    The question is whether this Brexit will ultimately make for a Climate-exit or Clexit. That equates to the collapse of unsustainable international climate agreements and the collapse of the most perverse aspects of climate policy.

    We may suspect that this will lead to the Eurocrats hysteria. […]”

    Brexit will divert (and perhaps divide) eurocrat attention…

  7. Paul Vaughan says:

    We can BeLeave in clean air & water and a multitude of beautiful parks for outdoor recreation WITHOUT Euro-(+California)-Cratic CLIMATE LIES.

    BeLeave is to Brexit as CLeave is to CLexit …Leaving anthropogenic Climate Lies behind and turning instead (in STARK contrast) to appreciate and respect the beauty and power of domineering nature.

  8. dscott says:

    Brexit is the stake in the heart of the AGW scam to fleece the Western World of trillions of dollars/pounds by self serving, self enriching elitists. IF the US elections in November repudiate Hillary Clinton and her gang of cronies in the Democrat Party it will be over.

    The civilized world is in the fight of it’s existence against the twin evils of our time: Green Cronyism (Modern day Luddite movement) and Radical Islam. Both of these evil ideologies have as their basis in enslaving the masses. This is why liberals (progressives) as we call them in the US have such an affinity to Islam itself as it denies the individual and therefore the bedrock principle of the Consent of the Governed. Both of these ideologies require the crushing of descent by the individual for the rule of the few over the many. The ideology is merely the covering for the elite to rationalize it’s rule.

    There are only two types of liberals, those who create the myths and those who believe them. The myth is the necessary deception to rationalize the ideology to obtain consent by fraudulent means.

  9. Brexit is the people dragging the poltical classes kicking and screaming to do what we want instead of what they want. That is why they hate democracy so much, that is why they would rather hand over our power to unelected bureaucrats rather than exercise it themselves where they can be “got at” by the will of the people.

  10. oldbrew says:

    Report: EU climate plans stall as Brexit talks take over

    UK’s probable departure from the EU throws carbon cutting agenda into confusion just as countries were preparing to approve Paris climate agreement

    A negotiator from one EU member state described the situation as “a complete clusterfuck”.

    Which EU member state might that be – Ireland perhaps?

  11. Curious George says:

    Bravo, brave Britons!

  12. A C Osborn says:

    Roger, have you seen the reports on the EU “Superstate”?
    There is an article in the Express, the Mail refers to it and Jo Nova and Luboš Motl has an article with a pdf copy of the German/French report.

  13. Steve C says:

    Time enough to worry about footling climate treaties when we’ve invoked Article 50. That gives at least two years in which to haggle over all the details anyway. First we need to get people negotiating who actually believe in leaving, rather than “the usual crowd” sorting it all out among themselves.

    “UKIP needs to put their folks at the negotiating tables to prevent a faux exit.” – E.M., replying to me:

    And, @A C Osborn – Yes. The blood runs cold.

  14. Curious George says:

    English will no longer be an official EU language. Vive la Frankreich!

  15. catweazle666 says:

    Oh dear. How sad. Never mind!

  16. Curious George says:

    Intellectual giants of the EU are in a hurry. Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker’s speech has been only published in French and German. No need to wait two years. English is (are) out.

  17. tom0mason says:

    Does that mean UK can drop this kind of over bureaucratic micro-managing of all your electrical appliances and systems

  18. Curious George says:

    Tom, thanks for the link. Amazing! Full employment guaranteed – actually, this project needs more office workers than the population of Europe. That’s why refugees are in a great demand.

  19. Paul Vaughan says:

    Aside from the reporting of the Jo Cox murder, Canadian media ignored Brexit up until the day before the referendum (when there were 2 articles).

    I think most people assumed BRemain would win something like 2/3 to 1/3 BeLeave and so (initially) gave Brexit no more attention than a peripheral curiosity likely to be of close to no importance.

    Things have changed.
    Random strangers engaged me in intense conversations the morning of the results.
    And now the coverage is non-stop.

    “”You as a political project are in denial,” declared Farage, leader of the anti-EU U.K. Independence Party. “When I came here 17 years ago and said I wanted to lead a campaign to get Britain to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me. Well, you’re not laughing now, are you?“”

    How much “strength” does this Leave for climate deception?

    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged to use “all her strength” to prevent the EU from drifting apart.”

    …eggs in one basket…

  20. gallopingcamel says:

    Brits constructed their “Welfare State” following the 1945 (Atlee for PM) election. It engendered an “Entitlement Mentality” and the “Politics of Envy”.

    Thus it was a huge shock for me to find Brits are not ready to accept government of bureaucrats, by bureaucrats and for bureaucrats.

    The pound has plunged so tourism will boom and unemployment will fall from 5.4% that is already well below the average for EU nations.

    I expect a boost to the UK economy even if the loony EU policies remain in place. Much more likely the UK will install a sane energy policy (fracking and nuclear) while opening its borders to people who can show they will contribute to a growing economy.


  21. gallopingcamel says:

    The EU is doomed. Centralizing power is a lousy idea. The EU will disintegrate within 10 years.

    It will take a little longer for the USA to disintegrate but disintegrate it will if power continues to be concentrated in Washington D.C.

    The USA is doomed unless it stops ignoring the Tenth Amendment.

  22. oldbrew says:

    Marc Morano’s Climate Depot has picked up on the Ralph Ellis ice ages theory featured on the Talkshop a few months ago (before it became a published paper).

    New Study ‘demonstrates that CO2 is only a bit-player in the drama of world climate’

    Read more:

  23. oldbrew says:


    ‘Prominent leaders of the “leave” campaign — including Conservative MP and former London mayor Boris Johnson, now being touted as a potential prime minister — are viewed as climate skeptics, at least compared to their counterparts on the losing “remain” side, headed by British PM David Cameron.’

  24. avro607 says:

    As Andrea Leadsome appears to be a supporter of the climate change drivel ,one hopes that she does not get chosen to be our new leader.Whoever is chosen will need to be fully aware of the Big Grreen Lie,repeal the Climate Change Act,apologise to all those in the coal and steel industries,and get them back to work with lots of coal fired power statioms to provide the clean,cheap reliable energy that we need to progress into a future free from the EU shackles.

  25. Paul Vaughan says:

    Let’s stop pretending a solution is complex…


    This is ideological:

    “The leaders emerged from Wednesday’s summit insisting that the “four freedoms” central to European unity are indivisible: the free movement of people, services, goods and finances.”

    The best defense to Scotland is parts of continental Europe wanting to join a new, competing alternative EU based in London founded on “three freedoms”.

    In the context of today’s security challenges it seems a little silly that the EU is being so impractically ideological when 3 of 4 freedoms can be protected by a superior competitor.

    Earning the privilege of free movement will be effortless for qualified, good people of any race, religion, or nationality, but in today’s global security context some biologically-natural membranes to impede disruptive flow are eminently practical and this isn’t “far-right” but rather a net-positive common-sense trade-off demanded by some of the defining challenges of the times.

    Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Wednesday he “personally couldn’t care less” whether lawmakers get to vote on the deal.

    “His comments followed reports that the European Commission believes the decision should be taken by Brussels alone.”

    “Gabriel was quoted by Berlin’s Tagesspiegel as saying that “deciding now that national parliaments can’t have a say on this trade agreement is incredibly foolish.””

    “[…] bypassing parliaments on the so-called CETA agreement would stoke opposition […]”

    “German media described Juncker’s stance as badly timed in light of growing skepticism among European voters about the EU.”

    Does anyone know?

    What sunlit provinces of today’s European nations might like to leave for a new, non-behemoth, democratic, not unduly bureaucratic replacement EU based in London on “three freedoms”?