Jamal Munshi: The United Nations: An Unconstrained Bureaucracy

Posted: August 3, 2016 by tallbloke in Accountability, Big Green, fraud, Incompetence, Legal, Politics, solar system dynamics

An article about the failings of the UN highlights a paper by our friend Jamal Munshi -Professor Emeritus at Sonoma State University:


The situation has become so bad that some academics have concluded that it is time to shut down the UN’s out-of-control bureaucracies. A paper by Sonoma State University Professor Emeritus Jamal Munshi published by the Social Science Research Network, for example, makes a solid case for ditching the UN environmental bureaucracy. Under the headline “The United Nations: An Unconstrained Bureaucracy,” the June 2016 paper concludes that “unconstrained and undisciplined public sector bureaucracies do not serve the interest of the public” and that “such UN bureaucracies can safely be dismantled without any harm to the public interest.”

In a note to The New American, Professor Munshi said that “the case study is specific to the UNEP, however, the broader conclusion that we can draw from the UNEP case study is that a public sector entity without accountability and constraint and without adequate oversight and discipline mechanisms tends to serve itself and not the public.” That, he added, “would apply to the whole of the UN.”

In one sense, leaving aside the embezzling of public resources, Americans and all of humanity are probably much better off with the UN drowning in fraud, corruption, and criminal activity. The more tax money handed to the UN is lost or stolen, the less there is available for the UN to try to impose its extremist vision — and the vision of its globalist supporters — on the nations and peoples of the world.

  1. Petrossa says:

    in the latter paragraph all humanity except Israel would be better off. So best to just get rid of it, or better still, make a new one with only certified democratic nations as members.

  2. Ron Clutz says:

    Munshi’s paper provides a needed historical record of UN self-serving growth by exploiting false crises, first ozone depletion, then climate change. As an ozone researcher Munshi is particularly effective debunking that alarm.

  3. Climatism says:

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    The United Nations is financed mostly by taxpayers from a few donor countries but the large and growing bureaucracy is too far removed from those taxpayers to be directly accountable to them. It is run by unelected, unaccountable, undisciplined, and incompetent bureaucrats. The organization’s size, budget, and scope are unconstrained. The budget funding process provides perverse incentives for these bureaucrats to increase the size and scope of their organization simply by creating multitudes of agencies and programs, and by inventing problems and environmental crises set on a global scale.

  4. chaamjamal says:

    Perhaps we could shut down the UN and design something relevant and workable with constraints, accountability, and oversight. It’s been done before in our transition from the League of Nations to the United Nations. Conceptually, the UN is a creature of the post-war world which was carved into winners and losers and into capitalism and communism. Conceptually it is an anachronism in our times searching for relevance. It should be redesigned and it should be limited in scope and budget. It should operate in full transparency, and it should be relevant to our times.

  5. graphicconception says:

    Great paper, although I have not read it to the end yet.

    Does it agree with me that the UN is happy to support “carbon” taxes because it thinks it will be collecting them via its World Bank and that after a few rate hikes it will be able to extract an administration charge large enough to run the entire UN? That will make it a self-sustaining, unelected, bureaucracy with power over the world – a kind of EU on steroids.

    I think this is the real purpose of “carbon” taxes. They are a global poll tax by another name.

  6. chaamjamal says:

    currently the UN does not have power to tax nor to impose taxation policy on member states although the WHO is going around trying to get member states to implement their version of cigarette taxation.so maybe they are moving in that direction. too early to tell.

  7. As chaamjamal wrote that “currently the UN does not have the power to tax or impose tax policy”. But … as I had noted a year ago, the UN powers that be seem to be moving full-steam ahead in that particular direction. Here’s how it was summarized by the quasi-official rapporteur, IISD:

    with the heavy emphasis on domestic resource mobilization in the text, one delegate remarked that it was “ironic” to see developed countries resist intergovernmental cooperation on tax matters that would significantly raise domestic resources. Some Member States that had pushed hard for the upgrade of the tax body, however, were in the end satisfied that global tax norms were now part of the international discourse and that the UN is now seen as a credible body to handle tax issues. As FfD3 Secretary-General Wu Hongbo pointed out, “This is not the end of the journey; Member States will continue to discuss this issue.” [my bold -hro]

    And all it took was 55 mentions of the word “tax” (and/or variants thereof) in a report for a UN honcho to declare that it is a “credible body to handle tax issues”. Amazing, eh?!

  8. Bitter&twisted says:

    High time the UN was exposed for the parasitic and anti-West conspiracy it is.
    Closing it down would be easy. We simply stop paying their rent and “expenses”.
    The freeloaders would soon disappear.