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Posted: August 13, 2016 by tchannon in Blog

Tim wrote,

Recently a Talkshop reader asked

stuartlarge says:
August 8, 2016 at 12:56 am

I have a problem bookmarking your site book, sometimes it just does not show new editions.
If you had a “home” button I would find it easier to check.
I like you blog and read it everyday, but the last article I can find is aug 1st


Roger replied …

tallbloke says:
August 8, 2016 at 5:40 am

Stuart Large: When the top article has a black dotted line round it, new articles appear below that one, because it has been pinned to the top of the page. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see them.

Fair enough, this explains what is going on but is only sometimes, pinning one or more articles to the front page is a fairly rare occurrance.

The other Stuart then writes

oldbrew says:
August 8, 2016 at 9:07 am

There is a Home button [‘Blog Home page’] at the foot of the web page.

Tim now steps in…

There is a list of “latest” articles in the blog left sidebar, not at the top or bottom.

On pondering I’ve dreamt up put the three together. Years ago I put a crude front page footer in place, largely for my own convenience, keyboard key combination[1] gets me instantly to the page bottom and there are useful links for me.

Not ideal or neat but adding a magic code has now added links to the “latest” blog posts as a list in the table and at a known fixed place in the blog. This might help a few users. It could probably be made pretty.


Above is non-live example.

I hope that helps.

I notice the other Stuart, who is doing the Suggestions rollover has added a stop sign image, nice one, why didn’t I think of that? 🙂

1. End and Home key, or with cntrl. Are other ways.

Post by Tim

  1. tom0mason says:

    Thanks, it looks like a useful enhancement.