An Inconvenient Truth: Few Signs Of Global Warming In Antarctica

Posted: August 29, 2016 by oldbrew in alarmism, Forecasting, modelling, Natural Variation
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Ah, natural variability – the curse of the fanatical warmist.
They don’t understand it and don’t want to believe it exists.
But it does, so they’ll have to put up with it.


By Paul Homewood


From the Daily Caller:

Antarctica has confounded scientists, defying the dire predictions of scientists the South Pole would shrink and exacerbate sea level rise in the coming decades.

Climate models predicted Antarctic sea ice would shrink as the world warmed, and that warming would boost snowfall over the southern continent. Neither of those predictions have panned out, and now scientists say “natural variability” is overwhelming human-induced warming.

“Truth is, the science is complex, and that in most places and with most events, natural variability still plays a dominant role, and undoubtedly will continue to do so,” Chip Knappenberger, a climate scientist with the libertarian Cato Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“This applies to goings-on in Antarctica as well as in Louisiana,” Knappenberger said, referring to the recent flooding in Louisiana activists have already blamed global warming for.

What recent studies have shown is that…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    Matt Ridley in The Times has weighed in with an opinion piece on similar lines, as the GWPF reports.

    Date: 29/08/16 Matt Ridley, The Times
    Doom-mongering scientists telling us that the melting Arctic is a disaster conveniently overlook vast chunks of history

    ‘Doom-mongering scientists’ may also be trying to make some money out of their ropey predictions e.g. by selling their own scare stories in books [see GWPF link above].

    Wait a bit and check out the nonsense in a charity bookshop for pocket money if you must 😉

  2. Paul Vaughan says:

    “Ah, natural variability – the curse of the fanatical warmist.
    They don’t understand it and don’t want to believe it exists.”

    It’s true they’re struggling with understanding

    …but actually: there’s a healthy appetite.

    The problem’s just funding and optics.
    They’re naturally very curious and they WANT to work on it. The problem for them is how …but that’s easy to solve:

    Firehose money at the problem. For example if I were Trump, that’s what I would do. I’d SHOWER academia in FLOODS of money to happily explore the beauty of nature …climate nature included. (Hearts and minds kind of thing. Give bees flowers and nectar! It’s what they NEED. It doesn’t pay to deny their nature. Right wing ideology won’t change them. It can’t. so don’t be stupid (!) kind of thing…)

    You don’t need a conspiracy where a carrot will suffice….


    [ :

    Common sense: Give a bee nectar. The bee won’t vote for you, but it will use the nectar as you intend….

  3. ren says:

    Please see: growth of galactic radiation – an increase of pressure in the stratosphere – the temperature rise in the Arctic.

  4. ren says:

    Also visible an increase in temperature in the south.

  5. ren says:

    In this work we study links between low cloud anomalies (LCA) at middle latitudes of the Northern and Southern hemispheres and galactic cosmic ray (GCR) variations used as a proxy of solar variability on the decadal time scale. It was shown that these links are not direct, but realized through GCR/solar activity phenomena influence on the development of extratropical baric systems (cyclones and troughs) which form cloud field. The violation of a positive correlation between LCA and GCR intensity which was observed in the 1980s–1990s occurred simultaneously in the Northern and Southern hemispheres in the early 2000s and coincided with the sign reversal of GCR effects on troposphere circulation. It was suggested that a possible reason for the correlation reversal between cyclonic activity at middle latitudes and GCR fluxes is the change of the stratospheric polar vortex intensity which influences significantly the troposphere-stratosphere coupling. The evidences for a noticeable weakening of the polar vortices in the Arctic and Antarctic stratosphere in the early 2000s are provided. The results obtained suggest an important role of the polar vortex evolution as a reason for a temporal variability of solar activity effects on the lower atmosphere.

  6. Paul Vaughan says:

    sign reversal means different shape, different size, different location, opposite direction, changed braid topology, change in split between dry & latent, or different flow-architectural configuration and/or state more generally — it’s about aggregation criteria across not only time but space, evolving flow structure, and energy type and it’s about vectors (with direction) not just scalars and about multivariate coupling not just bivariate

  7. ren says:

    The turbidity of the atmosphere in the tropics causes a drop in the surface temperature.

  8. ren says:

    Following tremors of magnitude 4.5 and 4.6 earlier today, the South Iceland glacier – which covers the mighty Katla volcano – saw another significant quake, of magnitude 3.3, just after 3pm this afternoon, local time, according to Iceland national broadcaster RÚV (link in Icelandic).

    “It is not a question of whether Katla will erupt, but when,” warns Kristín Jónsdóttir, Earthquake Hazards Coordinator at the Icelandic Met Office.

    “We mustn’t forget that Katla is a very active volcano. Looking back, there have been sixteen known eruptions since Iceland was settled,” she said, speaking on Icelandic radio today.

  9. ren says:

    Emissions of sulfur dioxide from the volcanic eruption at Holuhraun amounted to nearly 12 million tons. That is more than the total emission of the dangerous gas over the whole of Europe in 2011, according to University of Iceland scientist, Sigurður Reynir Gíslason.

    “The Holuhraun eruption spewed poisonous sulfur dioxide (SO2) over a large area of Europe and the eruption was the biggest in Iceland since the ‘Skaftá Fires’ from 1783 to 1784. The Holuhraun eruption lasted for six months from 31st August 2014 to 27th February 2015,” a press statement on the release of the results in the journal Geochemical Perspectives Letters states.

  10. oldbrew says:

    Technique could assess historic changes to Antarctic sea ice and glaciers
    August 30, 2016

    ‘Historic changes to Antarctic sea ice could be unravelled using a new technique pioneered by scientists at Plymouth University.

    It could also potentially be used to demonstrate past alterations to glaciers and ice shelves caused by climatic changes, a study published in Nature Communications suggests.

    The new method builds on an existing technique, also developed by Plymouth University over the last 10 years, which identified a means by which scientists could measure changes to sea ice in the Arctic.

    That has already led scientists to reveal periods when the Arctic was previously ice free during summers, and when sea ice first expanded to its modern extent.’ [bold added]

    Read more at:

  11. ren says:

    Extremely strong galactic radiation.