A lovely summer, lots of blue sky, warm? Fish would fly first.

Posted: September 2, 2016 by tchannon in weather

Tim writes,


The famous flying carp. (photo, the author)

Summer this year came late. In at least the south the weather was unusually good, with blue skies, fairly warm, not a great deal in the way of rain.

I was expecting screeching from the Met Office about the warmest August evva. They popped up a blog article mid-month then nothing.

This afternoon the Met Office areal data was updated so I tripped a refresh of the work I do based on said data.

I had no idea on what to expect. Mind numbing unremarkable…

  • rainfall, all regions between 0SD and -1SD
  • sunshine, all regions between +0.5SD and +1.5SD (except NI which was slightly below zero)
  • MaxT, all regions, between 0SD and +1SD
  • MeanT, all regions, between 0SD and +1.2SD
  • MinT, all regions, between 0SD and +1SD

There is nothing to say.

The 2016 harvest?

Farmers Weekly provide some photos and comments. I’d heard comment a few weeks ago of an expected bumper year whereas most European countries have had a bad year. Rain showers can spoil things, really though the proof is actual yield and quality.

Oh, the fish. I just pressed the shutter.

Post by Tim

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    Been disastrous in SW France. No rain, water use only allowed for hygiene, lost all my crops, still in the 30s. Having said all that the temps have not been exceptional. Max~ 39C, longest spell of heat ~ 36C for 2weeks. Still too warm to work, though.

    2003 was much warmer. 3 months of max temps between 32C and 42C

  2. oldbrew says:

    No mozzie invasion in southern England yet?

  3. oldmanK says:

    I can ‘copy and paste’ Stephen Richards comment for mid Med. Vine sprouted growth was 1 inch in March; they are like that today – just more shriveled. Emerging fruit bunches all aborted. Never experienced this in 70 years.

    I heard the midges up north in Scotland didn’t quite make their feared presence. But the cursed Asian tiger moz around my home seem the same.

  4. pg sharrow says:

    Hey Tim! How did you train your Koi to fly? Mine just swim around and get fat!..pg

  5. c777 says:

    I noticed a lot of cool NW winds this summer when I was out and about, more than usual.
    Its been a very windy summer.

  6. tchannon says:

    The photo is a freak effect, exactly as photograpjed. Location had a lot ro do worh it. At the bottom of a light well, overcast sky. The water surface was very clean. Phone camera.

  7. tchannon says:

    I’ve noticed what seemed peculiar growing conditons too, although time in hospital is’nt good time for feeling the soil.
    Is there ever standard weather?

  8. p.g.sharrow says:

    been watching things grow for 70 years, Not sure what a “standard” growing season looks like. Every one looks different from the last. This one is no different. Growing conditions have been better then last year for us here in northern California. Plants are happier and growing better then they did last year…pg

  9. oldmanK says:

    pg sh. said “been watching things grow for 70 years”. My case exactly. Yes, every season is different. But some are downright disastrous and climate has a lot to do with that.

    suricat in another thread talks of the tomato plant. My crop this year was a phenomenal success. But a season where the winter was 100% dry – no precipitation- (however one has to factor in the night dew effect. The ancients of Ugarit had a saying “Dew of heaven, fat of the earth”. This year I saw the effect of that.) Drip irrigation kept the plants alive – where those deprived of water, trees vines etc just perished. The success was due to the fact that the insect pests also suffered terribly (summer usually means thousands of paper wasps; this year, none)

    There are many compounding issues. And the weather has a trickle effect practically on it all.