Canadian snowflakes melted by go ahead government

Posted: November 30, 2016 by tchannon in Politics

Tim writes,

This will bring some more snowflake meltdowns.


Image: Canadian gov,

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday that his Liberal government had approved a plan to replace a continental pipeline known as Line 3 from Alberta to the United States, and expand a pipeline running from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia (BC), known as the Trans Mountain pipeline.

“The decision that we took today is in the best interests of Canada and the best interests of Canadians,” Trudeau said at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

“This is a decision based on rigorous debate, on science, and on evidence. We have not been and will not be swayed by political arguments, be they local, regional or national. We have made this decision because we are convinced it is safe for BC and it is the right one for Canada.

It seems that saying one thing but acting something else, reality, is a ploy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is perfectly happy to do. I thought he was robustly against such moves.

These are upgraded old pipelines with much larger capacity.

Post by Tim

  1. karabar says:

    Just suffering a bit after the death of his bilogical father.

  2. Paul Vaughan says:

    TransMountain’s the bigger impact announcement.

    Comments I left yesterday on Suggestions-23…

    TransMountain pipeline expansion approved early:

    Alberta Premier […] said that after “a long dark night” […] “finally seeing some morning light.”

    “We’re getting a chance to sell to China and other new markets at better prices. We’re getting a chance to reduce our dependence on one market, and therefore to be more economically independent.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Why do countries with thousands of miles of pipelines need a ‘rigorous debate’ about having another one?

    If it’s just about the route then fair enough, but otherwise it’s silly.

  4. tchannon says:

    MIght go down the tubes dear oldbrew. 🙂

    As it stands they are saying up your pipe… XL size. If Trump is triumphant there is perhaps the spectre of further escalating dissent over the building and operation of pipelines in Canada and the US. Perhaps too a risk of malicious damage.

    That major oil or gas refineries are not built in Canada, a large business opportunity, preferring to pipe or ship out the raw material, no added value, is perverse. As a country doing for yourself is part of becoming major, leading lights.

  5. oldbrew says:

    tc: refineries are expensive and Canada has a big refiner on its doorstep already.

    But Alberta should have one by 2017.

    ‘Once completed, the refinery will be able to process 50,000 barrels of bitumen a day and refine it into low-sulphur diesel fuel. The company has plans to add two more phases with the same capacity in the future.’

  6. ivan says:

    oldbrew said need a ‘rigorous debate’

    Unfortunately you used the wrong word. It should have been need a ‘rigorous religious debate’

  7. oldbrew says:

    ivan – ah yes, thanks for clearing that up 😎

  8. Paul Vaughan says:

    There are lots of refineries here. This isn’t about value-added. Rather it’s about the mouse and the elephant. The opposition to servicing China will come from USA. The protesters aren’t looking at that dimension at all. Whoever is analyzing this should use several frames of reference understanding that most only see a few or one. There are deep divisions on several axes. This is complicated and interesting. There will be drama. The most important dimension in all of this is under the radar in mainstream media reporting and that itself is amusing and fascinating. Floods of US money will come to support Vancouver protests and sharp analysts will realize that’s the real signal indicating primordial awareness — whether conscious or subconscious — of Trudeau’s true intentions.

  9. ferdberple says:

    Floods of US money will come to support Vancouver protests
    that is the real issue. US interference in Canada via organizations such as Tides.

    Who in their right mind thinks this money is meant to help Canada or Canadians? It has only 1 purpose. To advantage someone or some company in the US, ultimately paid for by Canadians.

    The standard tactic is to flood US money into Canada to drive down the price of some Canadian commodity, which can then be bought by US interests at fire sale prices. All that is required is a bunch of useful idiots carrying placards.

    And who will supply the US with heavy oil (to match US refineries) if not Canada. Venezuela. Which explains in part why Venezuela’s economy is in the tank. Canada has replaced Venezuela as the source for heavy oil.