Lord Donoughue: Labour Must Ditch Its Climate Change Obsession

Posted: December 7, 2016 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, opinion
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Good advice but unlikely to be heeded any time soon.

Lord D: ‘I decided to study climate change. The more I explored it, the more I began to question what was being claimed by the evangelical climate change movement’

Funny how often people who look into the real details react like that.


By Paul Homewood



From GWPF:

In 2008, I was one of the many members of both houses who unquestioningly voted for Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act, with its legal commitments to rapidly decarbonise the British economy. The measure was not properly costed (now forecast at upwards of £360bn by 2050). I had not studied the Bill. This seemed a noble, if eye-wateringly ambitious, project: to ‘save the planet’. Who could object to that?

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  1. It does not matter how many windmills you prevent being built
    it does not matter how much research you get defunded
    It does not matter how little support there is for climate science
    It does not matter what crazy governments do to defund research

    You will not stop climate change if indeed it is happening.

    I do not want to have the possibility that my descendants will say “why did you do nothing to prevent this” if waters rise, crops die, water resources get polluted, there is no fuel for transportation.

    I do not want them to be able to say that I wanted my life to be easy but I did not care that theirs is hard.

    Why do you applaud Trump for trying to disband/de-tooth the EPA when they have forced companies to reduce pollution to improve the environment for all. This applause does not seem rational. Do we want to go back to the smogs of the 1950s, do we want to pollute the landscape with poisons like they do in china or eastern Europe?

    Of course you can always keep with the mantra against climate research – fraud, fudge the data, models, too many variables, UHI effect,. but it will not change what is happening to the world. And looking at what data is available it looks to me as if climate change IS occurring and it is us causing it.

    You make so much of getting energy to the poor and they will become as us. But you do not seem to realise that if you bring them up to our profligate standard of living using the same limited energy sources as we use, the same limited raw materials we need then the world will not support everyone.
    It is necessary to help then financially, help them to utilise resources and help them to chose energy sources wisely (providing 240V to a hut where the income is £1 per month will not enable them to use a 3kW cooker and 3kW kettle, there is no money for this – but give them a solar panel and battery and they have light for very little).

    The only way that the poor can become richer is for the ricer to become poorer! – I have no problem with that.

    Reply: The politics of scarcity has been discredited so long, as has the conflation between air pollution and CO2 emission, that I’m surprised even you would try to peddle them here. TB

  2. Curious George says:

    With an unquestioningly voting peerage, the UK may not be united for much longer.

  3. ilma630 says:

    “who could object to that?” how about those that actually took the trouble to examine a bill that had the most enormous cost implications for the UK economy, which only 5 seemingly did ! Next time – READ IT!

  4. oldbrew says:

    tfp says: ‘The only way that the poor can become richer is for the richer to become poorer! – I have no problem with that.’

    Except it’s false because it’s not a zero-sum game.

    Almost everyone – in the ‘western’ world at least – has a better standard of living and more comfortable lifestyle than they would have had in pre-industrial times, or before universal electricity if you like. This is due largely to energy sources like coal, gas and oil – which incidentally have saved the necessity of chopping down millions of trees for firewood etc. Call it prosperity.

  5. tom0mason says:

    “Lord Donoughue: Labour Must Ditch Its Climate Change Obsession”

    Good heaven m’lord they can’t do that! That would scatter the watermelons hither and yon — to where?
    who would know?
    At least while there are enjoying the Pinot Gris in the Labour Party clubs we know where they are.