UK Govt spending £319bn on quest to change future weather

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big-greenVia Jo Nova

The geniuses in the UK government decided to take £10,800 from every UK household to cool the world by a figure which, rounded to the nearest tenth of a degree, is 0.0 degrees C a century from now.

Hot air: Bombshell report shows green levies backed by government will cost the economy £319bn by 2030
The huge sum is three times the annual NHS budget for England
The policy will be adding an average burden of £584 a year to every household by 2020 and £875 by 2030

Shocking report takes its calculations from official figures issued by government
The real cost to poorer families paying vastly higher electricity bills might be measured in terms of people choosing second best health options, putting off treatments, foregone holidays, going cold, and for some on the brink, perhaps divorce or worse. (It’s hard to imagine how forcing people to do £10k of pointless work will improve mental health stats). If the UK government came knocking at doors asking for cash, how many households would choose to spend £500 – £800 a year to slow storms and hold back the tide for their grandchildren by a factor too small to measure?

Judging by what western citizens willingly donate to green causes and to offset their flights, we’re talking about very small number. Only half a percent of Australians are willing to voluntarily pay 5 or 6 c KWh more for Green energy.

coal-importsSubsidies squared – when you need subsidies to rescue you from your subsidies
The artificial pricing for renewables has made the reliable cheap coal fired electricity uneconomic. So Britain now has to subsidize coal in order to keep the lights on over winter.

The Government on Friday awarded £1.2bn of subsidy contracts through its capacity market auction to companies that could help ensure Britain has the power it needs in four years’ time at the lowest cost.

Well, it’s nothing really. Just a billion here, a billion there…

Note that coal is so cheap even gas was unable to compete for the most part:

The Government is keen to see new gas plants built as a cleaner replacement for old coal plants, which it wants to shut by 2025. It hailed the capacity market as a success after securing the construction of two mid-sized gas plants, as well as a raft of new battery storage projects.

In total the Government said 1.5GW of new gas generation won. However, this was dwarfed by the 5.7GW of ageing coal plants that secured subsidies.

The figures are based on a soon to be released GWPF report:

The report, The Cost Of The Climate Change Act, is by Peter Lilley, the Conservative MP and former Trade Secretary. He was one of only three MPs who voted against the Act, piloted through Parliament by then Labour Energy Secretary Ed Miliband. The report will be published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the think-tank founded by Lord Lawson.

  1. oldbrew says:

    You couldn’t make it up. Who can stop the madness?

  2. AlecM says:

    Since NuLaber came to power in 1997, government has been organised to enrich the elite who controlled first Brown, then Cameron. Bliar was always his own man, albeit a flawed dreamer, a bit like Corbyn.

    So we have the BTL and Climate/Renewables’ scams being closed down, also PFI. This is because the W. Midlands’ mafia who with the Glasgow Mafia owned Brown, have died off. Scotland is still controlled by the Highlands’ Mafia, the 200 windmill owners who put the fascist SNP into ‘power’ by pushing Salmond as their great leader.

    However, the SNP is also collapsing because without England to provide a sink for Scotland’s excess wind power and a source of cheap fossil and nuclear power when the wind doesn’t blow, the Scottish Power Grid fails, and they can’t provide the extra benefits or Education they promised the unemployables in Glasgow and Dundee from all that oil money………

  3. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on WeatherAction News and commented:
    Heat or Eat

  4. oldbrew says:

    Delingpole: ‘Could it possibly be that our climate moves in cycles – sometimes going through warming phases, sometimes going through cooling phases – and that there’s damn all we can do to stop it?’

    In which case that’s the thick end of £300 billion down the UK pan – but we’d have had to spend some of it upgrading the grid system.

  5. Bitter&twisted says:

    Insanity, lunacy and fraud.

  6. Joyce Tunley says:

    Tap into the Geothermals of The World to REDUCE atmospheric pollution and also provide Heating (without having Nuclear Power Plants), this would also LOWER the reliance on FOSSIL-FUELS.
    Add the use of SOLAR Energy, HYDRO
    Power and WIND-Power and there will be a MASSIVE REDUCTION in Global Warming and Pollution of ALL forms, with the ADDITIONAL BENEFITS of Clean- Air, Etc.
    Transport is another cause of Pollution and would be VASTLY REDUCED by the whole Transportation Systems being made Operational 24 x 7, especially when people need to get to / from their homes and to / from their places of work.
    Industry and Shopping, Hospitals etc all require 24 x 7 accessibility, which could bring about a further REDUCTION in the 1 Numbers of ‘Driver-Only’ Vehicles,
    2 ‘CARBON-FOOTPRINT’, 3 TOXIC – FUMES from the millions of vehicles on the Highways and Byways, for a start!
    This world be achieved by the Re-Nationalisation of ALL the BUS & COACH
    COMPANIES, plus the RAILWAYS and especially if ‘THEY’ could operate to a BETTER SCHEDULE for the passengers!

  7. gallopingcamel says:

    This is a magnificent example of the “Reverse Robin Hood” approach.

    The poor are robbed by means of absurdly high electricity prices to feed the rich via subsidies for the wind and solar plants they own.

  8. oldbrew says:

    @ Joyce Tunley

    There won’t be any ‘massive reduction of global warming’ by building renewables, this is a myth.

    Moving the Earth further away from the Sun might do it though 🙂

  9. A C Osborn says:

    On top of that £300Billion + to come we have this news

    They are giving our money away and don’t even know where it is going.
    The whole lot of them involved in this Fiasco should be sacked and preferably imprisioned.

  10. oldbrew says:

    ACO – No doubt Haiti, the Yemen and Cambodia spent the money wisely 😐

    Date: 12/12/16 Matt Ridley, The Times

  11. Bryan says:


    There is a major shit hits fan moment emerging but hasn’t found its way onto climate blogs as far as I know.

    It concerns a scheme in Northern Ireland to move industrial boilers from using oil to using wood chip pellets as being green i.e renewable.

    So whats new you might ask, well this bill was very badly drafted and the subsidy was not limited.

    The upshot was that the more you burned the bigger the profit.

    There are reports of people building big empty barns heated by profit producing subsidized wood chip pellets and leaving all the doors and windows open all day and night.

    The First Minister of Northern Ireland (Arlene Foster) is heavily implicated as she was warned by a whistle-blower of the existence of this scam

    The scheme is now stopped but not before the horse bolted as the existing scheme will have to pay out nearly 500 million ponds in legacy contracts.

    At first the Northern Irish ministers thought that the 500 M£ bill would land with the UK taxpayers but have now been told that it will come off the NI block grant.

    The population of Northern Ireland is 1.8 million

    Work it out for yourself…. !!!!!

  12. oldbrew says:

    Even the ardent greenies are beginning to realize the obvious i.e. that renewables alone are not going to cut the mustard. So they’ve hit the buffers in terms of ideas.

    ‘We can’t simply bet on renewable energy to stop global warming’

  13. oldbrew says:

    Larry Bell: Swamp Draining Will Expose Corrupt Climate Crocodiles

    Billionaire environmental investor Bill Gates has made himself non grata among many staunch green energy believers by stating that “renewable” energy sources “aren’t a viable solution for reducing CO2 levels,” and that costs for continuing the current fad in subsidizing wind and sun energy sources “would be beyond astronomical.”

  14. […] Source: UK Govt spending £319bn on quest to change future weather […]

  15. Mike says:

    Correction.5 MPs; not 3, voted against the climate change act. The five were Christopher Chope, Philip Davies, Peter Lilley, Andrew Tyrie, and Ann Widdecombe.

  16. oldbrew says:

    Mike: IIRC Graham Stringer MP either abstained or wasn’t present at the vote.

  17. oldbrew says:

    ‘The government will start to outline its plans for the decarbonisation of heating when it publishes its latest emissions reduction plan in 2017, business and energy minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe has revealed.’

    More megabucks down the drain can be expected.

    ‘Policy Exchange has urged the government to “completely re-think” its most recent strategy. At a cost of £300 billion, it said the plans outlined in 2013 to install electric heat pumps in four out of five homes by 2050 would be a “colossal waste of money”.’

    The mind boggles at these sorts of figures.