Irish High Court Finds Wind Turbine Maker Liable for Noise Nuisance – 7 Irish Families to Get Millions in Punitive Damages

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In which the law catches up with one of the wind turbine industry’s many excesses, not before time.



The Irish High Court has just handed down a decision holding German wind turbine manufacturer, Enercon liable in noise nuisance in a claim pursued by 7 families whose lives and livelihoods have been thoroughly and mercilessly destroyed by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

A report on the decision follows below, but first we’ll start where it all started back in 2013.

Families bid to sue wind farm operator
Irish Examiner
Michael Clifford
19 March 2013
By Michael Clifford

A group of families in a north Cork village are suing a wind farm operator in a landmark case, claiming the huge turbines are adversely affecting their health.

The seven families from Banteer claim they have been severely impacted, particularly through noise pollution, since the turbines began operating in Nov 2011.

If the action is successful, it is expected to lead to a number of others on similar grounds. Already…

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  1. steverichards1984 says:

    I have a problem with the current way of measuring noise nuisances.

    The vast majority of noise measurements are designed to map toward human perception. The noise sensor has a filter that maps – selectively filters – the incoming sound to that believed to be perceived by humans. This may be fine if you are measuring in band sound, but wind turbines also emit low frequency noise < 20 Hz which is very harshly filtered by the noise sensor before use or display.

    So you have the unreal situation where you are stood near a WTG, your body being battered by a strong 15Hz waveform, and the sensor reading zero because of the filtering within the sensor.

    Seems to me that during one of these court cases, a simple demo is conducted with in the court, with a simple 1 metre cube box is rolled into court. It contains 4 speaks or similar, connected to a signal generator and a suitable frequency of worse a swept frequency of 5 to 20 Hz, too low to hear and too low to measure.

    With enough power, you might be able to prove your point when court staff start to feel quesy but with the sensor displaying zero signal?

  2. oldbrew says:

    Some may remember this post…

    Danish University Fires Professor Who Criticised Wind Turbines

    ‘Dr Møller’s work on infrasound, the low frequency sounds emitted by wind turbines, has frequently brought him into conflict with Denmark’s wind industry, with representatives accusing him of misleading the public.’

    The report goes on: ‘Until his sacking, Møller had 38 years of distinguished service at the university.’

    It also notes:
    ‘Ireland’s deputy chief medical officer warned in March [2014] that people who live near wind turbines risk having their health and psychological well-being compromised by the infrasound emissions, in a condition she called ‘wind turbine syndrome’.’

  3. This is great news.
    What a fantastic year 2016 has been.
    I’m now looking for payback in 2017- when the greens and libtards get what they richly deseve.
    It’s great when the boot is on the other foot!

  4. hunter says:

    Irish landscapes are really trashed by windmill clutter. I hope this new ruling helps to end these expensive unreliable wastes of tax payer money and good capital.

  5. The problem is that the UK Government doesn’t recognise that wind turbines emit low frequency noise or excess amplitude modulation. They do not form part of the noise regulations for wind turbines that are specified in ETSU-R-97. The only way to get redress in the UK is to take the wind turbine owner to court, as Jane and Julian Davis did. As we saw in that case, the wind industry prevents the truth from getting out into the public arena. The wind industry is pure greed and corruption, aided and abetted by successive Government Ministers.

  6. Actually, I am being slightly unfair on Government Ministers. It is the civil servants who have been covering up for the wind industry and hiding the facts from the Ministers. However the Ministers have been negligent in not ensuring that they obtain the facts rather than the spin.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Update from Jo Nova: Wind turbine manufacturer admits liability for noise damage. If word gets out…

    ‘In an update to the Irish court case we discussed last month, the latest news confirms that the wind turbine manufacturer has admitted liability without contesting it. The court will be deciding damages in April.’

    Others are already lining up their claims.