BBC tries to spin China’s red-alert smog warning story

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Beijing smog [image credit: BBC / Reuters]

Beijing smog [image credit: BBC / Reuters]

The BBC TV News was quick to claim this should encourage China to ‘move away’ from fossil fuels. They conveniently (for themselves) forgot to mention that gas is also classed as a fossil fuel but does not cause smog, so is a viable option which China will use. The BBC’s implication was that alternatives like renewables would save the day, but ironically the smog itself is only lingering due to lack of wind and is blocking out the sun.

NB the report below is from CBBC (children’s TV) and doesn’t include the ‘spin’.

Parts of China have been covered under a thick blanket of smog for the last four days.The air quality in China can sometimes be so bad, that the government have to give people warnings about the level of pollution in the air.

When the levels are high they can close schools, stop planes taking off, close factories and limit the number of cars on the road.In north and central China, cities like Beijing, are currently under a red alert air pollution warning – the highest level.

Millions of people, especially children and elderly people have been warned to stay indoors when the levels are high.If they do go outside lots of people wear facemasks, to try to filter out the pollution.

What causes the smog?

Coal is used to power some Chinese factories and as it’s winter now, more people are using it to heat their homes.This means that more coal is burnt and this can increase the pollution levels in the air.

The weather can also have an effect on pollution. As there is very little wind at the moment, the pollution is gathering in one area, rather than being blown away. [bold added]

Source: Red-alert smog warning across parts of China – CBBC Newsround

More recent report: China says some factories have violated anti-smog measures | Yahoo News

  1. PeterMG says:

    You can burn coal and not get all that pollution, and conversely you can burn gas “poorly” and get lots of NOx some of which will react with sunlight and turn their brown, as it does in LA.

    China’s problem is that it has taken none of the lessons (and associated cost) of the West and applied them, part of the reason their manufacturing cost are so low. The dear old BBC would never dare to look at that.

  2. Kevin says:

    The BBC have been giving a lot of coverage to the Antarctic iceberg breakaway today. Their environment correspondent wrote a lengthy article and grudgingly included these few lines.
    “It is believed that climate warming has brought forward the likely separation of the iceberg but the scientists say they have no direct evidence to support this”

  3. Brett Keane says:

    Anyone know (rather than opine), what effect the airborne loess dust has in this situation?

  4. oldbrew says:

    Brett: this may be of interest.

    Road dust biggest source of pollution in Mumbai
    TNN | Dec 13, 2015

    ‘When it comes to curbing pollution in Indian cities, the conversation nearly always centres around vehicular pollution, with states like Maharashtra considering Delhi’s odd and even formula for cars on the road. But a detailed analysis of pollution in Mumbai in 2010 shows that vehicular pollution accounts for less than 6% of particulate matter (PM10) in the city. Interestingly, bakeries release a greater proportion of particulate matter in Mumbai than vehicles.’

    ‘…if particulate matter from paved road dust and unpaved road dust are taken together, it pips power plants (over 29%) as the largest source of particulate matter.’

    Of course the numbers for China may differ, but the idea that it’s all about traffic and coal plants is misleading.

    [credit: Times of India]

  5. A C Osborn says:

    oldbrew says: January 7, 2017 at 10:37 am

    Do you also find it odd that we have not seen as detailed a study for UK City pollution?

    [reply] indeed

  6. stewgreen says:

    Their is something fishy going on with anti diesel and EV pushing in London as if EV subsidy mafia or Client Earth are spending a lot of PR money to create the narrative.
    …. “Diesel CARS =Evil” and “Electric CARs = Magic Solution”
    Like the pollution in China, Delhi and SE fire seasons is 1000 times worse. If you cared about respiratory harm you’d direct all your resources there not to London.
    But the Times is curating news and editorial for the narrative.
    They’ve had many articles calling for EVs.
    Friday they put the study about diesel Nox discrepancy on the front page (claim : commercial traffic emits 210mg/Km and cars 500) and then the main editorial banged on that traffic pollution causes dementia (the researcher actually said on radio that his study did NOT conclude that).

    Choke Point
    Britain needs a Clean Air Act to stop vehicle pollution that is killing tens of thousands of people a year

  7. oldbrew says:

    Booker blasts the BBC climateers.

    It’s the facts the BBC leaves out about climate change that are important

  8. oldbrew says:

    Where does heavy air pollution in Beijing originate?
    – – –
    Still pinning the blame on coal plants and motor vehicles only.

    What about road dust, landfill, construction etc? [see earlier graphic]

  9. oldbrew says:

    China created a new environmental police force Sunday to stop “illegal” burning in the country’s capital city.

    ‘China’s environmental police will crack down on open-air barbecues, garbage incineration and burning wood, according to a statement to state-controlled media by acting Beijing Mayor Cai Qi. The green police will enforce school and business closures on smoggy days, and can cancel plane flights and shutdown highways to reduce pollution.’

    Read more:

    Report says: ‘MIT scientists recommended that China solve its smog problem by replacing coal power with natural gas. Natural gas emits about half the carbon dioxide (CO2) and pollutants of coal power, and is already cheaper than coal in many locations in the U.S. due to fracking.’
    – – –
    Exactly – see post intro 😎