Daily Mail: Energy bills to fall as billions in ‘green crap’ subsidies axed 

Posted: January 24, 2017 by oldbrew in Energy, government
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UK Cabinet visits Cheshire

UK Cabinet visits Cheshire

Someone that UK leaders listen to may have pointed out that hanging a ‘green’ millstone round the neck of the economy, as recommended by the EU, is not the best route to success.

Household energy bills are set to fall after ministers unveiled plans to slash green subsidies, it emerged yesterday.

Billions of pounds are handed out by the Government to wind farm and solar energy firms every year, with families and manufacturers picking up the cost. These climate change subsidies add around £110 a year to a household’s average bill.

Theresa May’s industrial strategy, published yesterday, suggested that these levies should be dramatically reduced to help steel plants, which pay for emissions, compete overseas.

This help for industry would have the knock-on effect of bringing down household bills, Government sources said.

The move will be seen as another example of the Prime Minister rowing back on David Cameron’s green legacy. Even he got tired of the environmental agenda after a while, telling his ministers in private to ‘get rid of the green crap’.

The document detailing the new industrial strategy said that while subsidies had originally been needed to ensure green energy firms could make a profit, that is now no longer the case.

‘The transition to low-carbon – and the securing of our energy supplies – must be done in a way which minimises the cost to business and domestic consumers,’ it said.

‘Subsidies and other forms of state support have played an important role in creating markets for new technologies and driving down their costs.

‘But it is important that we move steadily to an operating model in which competitive markets deliver the energy on which our country depends.’

The PM announced the slashing of the green subsidies as part of her new industrial strategy at a regional Cabinet meeting in Runcorn yesterday

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  1. Bloke down the pub says:

    One can but hope.

  2. from the daily mail

    White working-class boys will be targeted by Theresa May’s new industrial

    Seems a bit racist to me

    [reply] full quote:
    A Government source said the aim was to encourage all groups – ‘white working-class boys especially’ – to continue studying so they can get the jobs of the future.

  3. Dave Ward says:

    I wouldn’t get any hopes up – I saw this story whilst having my breakfast, and thought “At Last”. Then I read on and found this:

    “The new deal could see the prices the Government pays for electricity generation from offshore windfarms slashed once contracts come to an end.

    For example the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, off the coast of Yorkshire, secured a contract three years ago under which it is paid four times the market price for every unit of electricity it generates.

    This costs an estimated £280million per year in subsidies. The Government could decide to cut this subsidy after the contract ends in 2029″ (My bolding)

    So, in reality it’s a smokescreen – who has the slightest idea which government will be in power in 12 years time? What we desperately need is action NOW!!!

  4. ivan says:

    The only way something like that is going to work would require that the grid can purchase power from all producers at competitive rates and not have to give preference to renewables.

    Doing that would prove once and for all if renewable energy is viable on its own.

  5. AlecM says:

    The political issue is that the renewables’ owners have been given rent seeking rights by government. Nt only does this rape the poor, it destabilises the Power Grid.

    The only solution is a cheaper source of electricity, decentralised CHP in 40% of our country’s homes. They can’t tax natural gas more than the present 5% VAT and this power source will stabilise the Grid by reducing demand AND giving cheaper standby costs so no need for polluting and inefficient diesel STOR.

    The key indicator is to reduce Green Charges for consumers.

  6. Bitter&twisted says:

    The “Trump effect”?

  7. J Martin says:

    @thefordprefect. I think the white working class boys thing is not racist so much as aimed at encouraging the group that is currently seen as the school group falling most behind its peers.

  8. oldbrew says:

    President Trump Is Wasting No Time Shutting Down The Climate Scam

    He’s not joking.

  9. no, who ever did the [reply] This is from the daily mail page linked in the gpwf article

    Working-class boys to get jobs boost

    White working-class boys will be targeted by Theresa May’s new industrial strategy to give them the skills to take jobs currently filled by EU workers.

    Senior Government sources said the shake-up was intended to boost the vocational qualifications of less well-off children, who might otherwise struggle to find work.

    This will reduce employers’ reliance on bringing in labour from the EU – and help the Government towards its target of slashing net migration to the ‘tens

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  10. oldbrew says:

    TFP: It’s no good saying ‘no’. You stopped your quote from the DM just before it says this:

    ‘A Government source said the aim was to encourage all groups – ‘white working-class boys especially’ – to continue studying so they can get the jobs of the future.’

    Which is what was quoted to you earlier.

  11. tom0mason says:

    O/T but readers here may be interested in “Just How Much Does 1 Degree C Cost?” at https://co2islife.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/just-how-much-does-1-degree-c-cost/