Michael Reagan: Climate alarmists will miss California’s drought 

Posted: January 25, 2017 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, weather

Image credit: UC Berkeley

Image credit: UC Berkeley

The drought ended so dramatically that a state of emergency has been declared for large parts of California.

California’s drought which the New York Times characterized as “unending,” ended. This is good news for everyone other than Al Gore and his depressing band of climate Cassandras.

Well, the rains came after all to California and it was the answer to prayer for many citizens. For others the rain was a splash in the face, so to speak.

California’s seven-year drought came in very handy for climate conspirators. Their heat hysteria convinced gullible legislators that only by seizing control of the economy and tightening the noose of regulation around people’s lives could a weather wipeout be avoided.

It didn’t matter that California is a semi-arid state and periodic droughts are part of the climate package. Past droughts are in the past. The one that was just concluded was here right now and could be used to beat the extreme weather, coming-doom drum.

But now it’s rained on their parade. A drought the warmist New York Times characterized as “unending,” ended.

The Daily Mail reports San Francisco hasn’t had this much rain in one storm since 1982 during the bleak Reagan years. Since the first of the year the city has had 5.53 inches of precipitation.

The California Department of Water Resources calculates Northern California reservoirs have added one million acres of water to storage. (Why water storage is measured in terms of acres like land and not in terms of gallons like say, water, will remain a mystery to me.)

Roy W. Spencer on his website has startling before-and-after satellite pictures of before rain and after rain California. The photos from 2014 look like Haiti without the Clintons, while the January 2017 shots look like California. One of the site’s contributors says reservoirs in the state are now at 113 percent of “historical average storage for this date.” This is good news for everyone other than Al Gore and his depressing band of climate Cassandras.

What’s more, even though I know I’m taking a risk citing them as a source, CNN admits 42 percent of the state is now “drought free.” This is a big increase from last year’s 3 percent.

Of course, as I predicted here, rain hitting parched, dry land did result in some flooding. That’s the only bright spot for the alarmist crowd. Turning on a dime from calling a predictable drought “extreme weather” the climate Cassandras will now be trying to panic the populace over “extreme” flooding. […]
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Michael Reagan, the eldest son of President Reagan, is a Newsmax TV analyst. 

Source: Michael Reagan: Climate Alarmists Will Miss California’s Drought | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)
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  1. spetzer86 says:

    Acre-feet, while a bizarre combination of area and distance, does have the advantage of being a volume measurement (1 acre-foot=325851 gallons or 1.233e+6 liters)

  2. tom0mason says:

    The climate Cassandras will be readying themselves for mid-February when according to the weather models upper atmospheric warming should be reaching the North pole.

    Apparently this coming warming episode has been caused by the recent increase in solar winds arriving from the solar coronal hole that was facing the earth.
    See JMA, GFS and ECMWF weather models forecasts for more info or check out the weather model obsessive at gavsweathervids.com, or his latest enthusiastic video on https://www.youtube.com/embed/2vFPueI9WJk

    The cause of this warming, as a solar effect, and the likelihood of more jet-stream wobbles causing more snow, will not bother the climate Cassandras — they’ll still be wailing and crying about global warming and Arctic ice lost.

  3. rishrac says:

    The watermelon party will throw a parade claiming their efforts were successful. (Sarc)

  4. oldbrew says:

    Lake Tahoe is officially buried in snow
    January was a record-breaking month for snowfall
    BY MEGAN BARBER JAN 25, 2017

    Meteorologists at Open Snow say that at 7,000 feet in Lake Tahoe, 237 inches have fallen this month alone. That beats a 1973 record of 159 inches of snow that fell in January of that year.


    Still a few days of January left.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    The largest users of water are farmers.

    If you have 240 acres and need to water it with an inch for the crops to be happy, you can easily figure you need 240 * 1/12 = 20 acre feet of water…

    It is a unit highly useful to the major users of the resource… (Yes, I grew up in farm country and yes I watched the locals do exactly that math on their irrigation needs. Mostly rice that takes about 6 inches to flood fields, and a 640 acre ‘section’ of land is a common big farm ( one mile on a side) so that’s 320 acre feet without even thinking hard or getting out paper and pencil…

    Traditional English Units are designed for easy mental math using fractions. They excel in a world without calculators… That is why I persist in using them. ( I am fluent in Metric too, but it just isn’t as useful in many cases… though chemistry was easier in Kelvins than in Rankine… yes, I learned and used both in school…)

    Don’t forget that the Palmer Drought Index “adjusts” the water supply based on higher temperatures implying more water needed for plants. Those same “cooked temperatures” that are saying this is the hottest snow ever mean getting 100% of average rainfall is a drought…

  6. oldbrew says:

    Mass evacuations after hazardous situation at Oroville Dam

    ‘Officials have ordered the evacuation of areas near the damaged Oroville Dam in Northern California on Sunday, February 12, 2017, amid concerns the dam’s auxiliary spillway might collapse. The spillway is overflowing water since Saturday, February 11 for the first time in its 48-year history. Nearly 200 000 people have been asked to evacuate.’