It’s official – Vancouver’s snowmageddon has been recordbreaking! 

Posted: February 8, 2017 by oldbrew in Natural Variation, News, weather

Campus snowball fight, Vancouver [image credit: Daily Hive]

Campus snowball fight, Vancouver [image credit: Daily Hive]

Imagine the global headlines if this was record heat in summer. Cold weather gets far less international attention. Locals are used to snow but not this much all at once.

You weren’t imagining it – the snowstorm which began Friday dumped a record amount of powder on Vancouver, according to Environment Canada.

Preliminary estimates reckon a huge 12 cm of snow fell on Vancouver on Friday, breaking the previous record of 10.7 cm back in 1946, reports the Daily Hive.

OK, we know it’s not anything like the depths of white stuff they get in Toronto or Montreal, but hey, we’ll take it as that’s a 71-year record!

More snow records were broken around British Columbia this weekend too. Notably, Abbotsford got 20 cm of snow on both Saturday and Sunday, breaking the old records for those dates of 7.6 cm set in 1957, and 11.9 cm set in 1949, respectively.

Meanwhile, in Sparwood, Monday’s record has already been broken, with a whopping 60 cm of snow falling since midnight already today.That’s more than three times the old daily record of 18.3 cm, set in 1999. Imagine the powder hitting nearby Fernie right now.

Here’s the full rundown of the snowfall records beaten in BC over the past few days, according to Environment Canada:

The report continues here.

  1. leon tesla says:

    “Huge?” Talk about hyperbole! Granted, this broke the previous record – by a measly 1.3cm. Wow, impressive.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Cherry picking, Leon? A few lines further on in the report:

    Meanwhile, in Sparwood, Monday’s record has already been broken, with a whopping 60 cm of snow falling since midnight already today.That’s more than three times the old daily record of 18.3 cm, set in 1999
    – – –
    ‘Three years ago this week, the New York Times forecast the end of snow and said skiing in the Pacific Northwest was doomed.’

    Something is doomed but it’s not the snow.

  3. rishrac says:

    If I weren’t watching these blogs, I’d have never known about the cold and snow in Siberia. I’d have never known about snow in Saudi Arabia or snow on the beaches in the Mediterranean. How big a deal is it that guards are guarding a table in England with zucchini? Did it snow in an area where they were growing things like zucchini, lettuce , broccoli.. etc. .?
    In the media, it would have been big front page news if this were warming.

  4. Climatism says:

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    “Thing of the past” UPDATE…

  5. vuurklip says:

    Well, whaddaya expect? We all KNOW that CAGW CAUSES extreme weather – therefor snowstorms. (Also heatwaves but we’ll keep quiet about that until next summer)

  6. oldbrew says:

    Winter storm warning: Up to 20 cm of snow expected in Metro Vancouver by Thursday

    But this system will be different from the previous systems as it is an intense Pacific warm front. Warm temperatures should start to settle in late tonight or overnight.
    – – –
    Based on recordings from Vancouver’s main weather station at Vancouver International Airport, which generally receives less snow compared to the city and other areas due to its low elevation and proximity to sea levels, a total of 31 cm of snow has already fallen since Friday morning when winter conditions returned.

    On the other side of the Lower Mainland, Chilliwack has seen approximately more than 80 cm of snow, which is its entire year’s worth of accumulation.

  7. ren says:

    Back in Oroville, state engineers spent Wednesday trying to figure out how much water they could send down the dams damaged spillway.

    The state planned to make test releases, knowing the flows likely will enlarge the 30-foot-deep hole in the concrete spillway of Californias second-largest reservoir.

    Workers discovered the erosion a day earlier and stopped the high releases the state was making from the reservoir to maintain required space for runoff from an upcoming weekend storm.

    To partially counter the spillway shutdown, they increased releases through Orovilles power plant on Wednesday. But there is a limit to that tactic.

    That leaves the state with a difficult choice: keep sending water down the spillway, which will worsen the damage, or let the reservoir fill, which would send flows gushing down a separate emergency spillway that is not paved or gated.

    Department of Water Resources officials want to avoid doing that if possible, but as a precaution, workers are clearing trees and debris from downstream areas. Engineers also are looking for ways to bolster the spillway.

    The dam is sound, and no imminent threat to the public exists, the department emphasized in a news release.

    Oroville is the key reservoir in the State Water Project, which sends Northern California supplies to the urban Southland.

    The recent parade of storms that have pounded Northern California filled reservoirs to above-average levels for this time of year, forcing managers to ramp up releases to make room for more inflow.

    After the state halted spillway releases Tuesday, so much runoff continued to flow into the reservoir that Oroville went from 80% full to 84% overnight.

    At this point, they have to be prepared to use the broken spillway, said Ron Stork, who has studied Oroville operations as a policy staffer for Friends of the River, an environmental group. If they dont, the reservoir is going to rise, and there is no place to put a big inflow.

    Typically, reservoir releases are made through Orovilles power plant, and the spillway is used only for high releases. The last time managers opened the spillway valves was in 2011.

  8. ferdberple says:

    As a native Vancouverite, it is great to see Tallbloke picking up on this madness!

    Vancouver almost never gets snow, and thus has almost no snow clearing equipment. However, Jan 1 2017, the Trudeau government in its infinite wisdom enacted a carbon tax across Canada. And voila. Global Warming came to screeching halt and Vancouver has been repeatedly dumped on and overwhelmed with this accursed white plague falling from the heavens.

    The latest storms are simply one of many. For weeks our streets have been covered with snow/slush/ice, thousands and thousands of accidents have resulted. Even salt has been rationed even though we live on the ocean. An army of inspectors have fined hundreds of citizens for failing to clean the sidewalks. Unfortunately the army of inspectors are yet to pick up any shovels themselves and lend a hand.

    So thank you Trudeau, for stopping Global Warming in one of the coldest counties on earth. Because if there is anything in Canada we need stopped, it is Warming.

    And those pesky IPCC climate refugees? We have them here by the millions. End of September, when the climate starts to change, millions of Canadians pack their bags and head south to Mexico, Arizona and Florida. 6 months later, these “snowbirds” as they are called, as their visas run out and the April showers return to Canada, these snowbirds resume their annual migration back to Canada.

    Only now, who can say? Caught between the carbon tax in Canada and the end of warming, what effect will the Trump administration have on these snowbirds?

    Will millions of Canadian climate refugees be turned back at the US northern border? Will the Wall on the southern border prevent them from returning to Canada from Mexico? Are these snowbirds to suffer a fate worse than death? Will they have to spend the winter in Canada?

  9. oldbrew says:

    The idea of Canadians fearing warming is amusing, as Ferd suggests.

    How many visit Florida? About 3.7 million in 2013, before their currency tanked.
    – – –
    Colorado: So much snow that it buried an avalanche warning sign

  10. ferdberple says:

    large warming in Vancouver
    Oh yes, for our sins we now have the Great Flood. Sewers blocked with slush, torrential rains exported from Hawaii to Vancouver under Trump’s new Border Adjustment plan. Pineapple Express my ass to somewhere warm.