California ‘bombogenesis’, biggest storm in years, kills four – BBC News

Posted: February 18, 2017 by oldbrew in News, weather

Credit: ABC News

Credit: ABC News

Tough conditions for many as the southern California weather continues its winter wild streak.

One of California’s strongest storms in years – dubbed a “bombogenesis” or “weather bomb” – has hit the state, killing at least four people and bringing torrential rain and floods.

Power cuts hit 150,000 households and sinkholes swallowed cars. Hundreds of homes were evacuated amid fear of mud slides near Los Angeles. More gusts, heavy rain and flash floods are expected on Saturday but the storm is due to subside by Sunday.

More than 300 flights have been disrupted at Los Angeles International Airport, and major roads have closed. One man was killed after a tree fell and pulled a power line on to his car in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles.
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Ryan Maue, a meteorologist for WeatherBell Analytics, told the Los Angeles Times that 10 trillion gallons of rain would fall on California in the next week, enough to power Niagara Falls for 154 days.
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Meteorologists describe the “bombogenesis” as an intense extra-tropical cyclonic low-pressure area, or “a weather bomb”.

“The storm looks to be the strongest storm to hit southwest California this season,” the National Weather Service said.
“It is likely the strongest within the last six years and possibly even as far back as December 2004 or January 1995.”

Gusts of 87mph (140km/h) were reported on the Big Sur scenic coastal highway.

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  1. Another example of the devastation of climate change.
    Scrap all cars; shut down all fossil-fuelled power stations.
    Only use clean, green renewable energy.
    Bring on the World government.
    Depopulate and survive!!.

  2. graphicconception says:

    “The storm looks to be the strongest storm to hit southwest California this season,” the National Weather Service said.

    I suppose that makes it unprecedented, then?

  3. catweazle666 says:

    Damn those permanent droughts!

  4. oldbrew says:

    The cynics are out in force here 😎
    – – –
    ‘Just how big and bad was the storm that raged Friday and trickled into Saturday? The system was estimated to be 150 miles wide and it unleashed 5 inches of rain on parts of urban Southern California.’

  5. ivan says:

    At last a use for the windmills – giant fans to blow all that nasty wetness away. After all we can’t have natural weather upsetting the green dream now can we?

  6. oldbrew says:

    Note the West-East split.