Bill Nye, Fake Facts & the New York Times

Posted: February 21, 2017 by oldbrew in Critique, propaganda

Fake news is an insidious form of propaganda.
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Donna Laframboise takes a closer look.

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

I’m aware of two occasions in which the Science Guy has misled the public. But the New York Times says he’s saving us from misinformation.


Eleven days ago, the New York Times ran a story headlined: “In an Age of Alternative Facts, Bill Nye’s New Show Brings Real Ones.” How charmingly naive. If you’re in a rush, and want to know about Nye’s misleading video as well as his misleading article in the very same New York Times, scroll down to the navy-coloured text below. But the longer story is entertaining.

The notion that some people are a source of real facts, while others are a source of fake/alternative facts, is currently being pushed hard by the mainstream media. Journalists have decided that a major part of their job is to tell the rest of us who to believe.

Their message isn’t that skepticism is always necessary, and that even smart people are often wrong. Rather, this is an attempt…

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  1. Ron Clutz says:

    It’s Bill Nye, The Alarmist Guy

  2. TinyCO2 says:

    She hits the nail on the head again. The media his its favourites and tends to be overawed by clever people. They are particularly weak for good looking people with the gift of the gab.

  3. Bitter&twisted says:

    Bill Nye – he tell a big fat lie.
    He wears a pretentious bow-tie
    He is a deep Russian spie.
    With a face like meat-pie.

    Not quite iambic pentameters, but I’m not a poet.
    And that twerp, Nye, ain’t no scientist.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Bill Nye the fake science guy?

  5. hunter says:

    It struck me years ago that the climate obsession could only become a widespread social mania because of a general failure in education and morals. Bill Nye and the NYT are emblematic of this failure. Nye is not a scientist. He is a journalist pretending to be a scientist and so is in a way neither. The NYT has gone all in to become a strange propaganda organization, determined to promote nothing critical or thoughtful that does not fully support their editorial obsession.

  6. oldbrew says:

    hunter – ‘The NYT has gone all in to become a strange propaganda organization, determined to promote nothing critical or thoughtful that does not fully support their editorial obsession.’

    Just like the Guardian 😦

  7. Paul Vaughan says:

    Bring on the alternative facts. They’re more fun.

    I don’t think they realize why alternative facts have become attractive and fun. It’s because their rejection of the truth triggered a powerful sense of humor.

    In a sense of humor lies a truth even deeper than the real truth, never mind the infinitely weaker administrative truth.

    For example, rejecting sun-climate truth and directing a solar physicist and his comrades to wage an incomprehensibly rude campaign of belief policing is absolutely unacceptable. That is the deeper truth.

  8. Paul Vaughan says:

    Necessity’s invention’s mother. We discovered a higher power. Obstruction of justice created alternative pathways. They can thank themselves for the darkened context that drove deeper enlightenment.

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